11 February 2014

Hasee Toh Phasse

This is the place where Indian cinema goes to die. 

I wanna say that there is a story in this movie, but in all honesty, there is hardly anything worth watching in this movie. 
We start with seeing a young and extremely clever girl and a young guy who is a clever trouble maker. Which has no relation to the rest of the movie since we see no troublemaking from the guy and little cleverness from the girl. 
Fast forward a couple of years and they happen to cross paths at the wedding of Parineeti Chopra's oldest sister, who is NEVER shown in the entire movie. The sister, I mean. She is running away and meets Sidharth Malhotra who is busy scamming on women. He helps her with her luggage and she leaves. Fascinating story so far. He goes back to the wedding where he sees a woman who he falls for. Seven years later and they have been engaged for ages and now are finally getting married. The entire family arrives, including Parineeti who is *surprise-surprise* the sister of woman Sidharth is engaged to. They bond over, well, nothing, they just bond. And then we find out that she used to be a drug addict who caused her father to have a heart attack and then ran away from home. She is also apparently super smart which is shown by her saying big words really fast. And she is also fond of eating toothpaste. They fall in love and the movie ends. 
There is little to no story in the movie as witnessed above and coupled with an extreme lack of acting ability means that the movie is a pain on the senses. 
Props to Parineeti because for a change she isn't portraying a loud mouth, confident girl. Instead, she is an expressionless word sayer. I think she is meant to be someone with Asperger's Syndrome. All I can say is that if I had Asperger's I would be offended by the portrayal.
There is an unbelievable lack of chemistry in the movie, and Sidharth ends up playing a very fatherly figure to Parineeti's 'I'm such a little girl, help!' act. 
This movie is an abomination in Bollywood, so please, do us all a favour and don't go watch the movie. The trailer and poster are really bad representations of the movie. At all. It says romantic comedy, it is lying. 

The Good: I think there were only two songs in the entire movie. 
The Bad: Karan Johar does a cameo. A sign that the movie really is bad.

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