16 February 2014


This movie guarantees that within the first 10 minutes, you will start to feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I have always loved Joaquin Phoenix. Having said that of course, I have only seen two other movies of his.
But he is a spectacular actor, even if his current ponytail calls that into question.
Her follows the life of a lonely almost-divorced man in the not so far future. He comes across the latest form of an operating system with an extremely advanced artificial intelligence, which is developed for you specifically. He ends up becoming friends with his OS, and then even develops not-so-platonic feelings for her. Weird, yes?
Granted, the voice of his OS is Scarlett Johansson and many a men would die for that opportunity, but still. IT'S A PIECE OF SOFTWARE! How do you love something like that?
Anywho, we see that Joaquin has a crazy haired neighbour Amy Adams whose husband of 8 years leaves her and she is crushed and turns to her OS for support and comfort as well. Joaquin and Amy bond over this shared insanity of theirs. Rooney Mara plays the ex-wife of Joaquin who finds out about his love for his OS and says that the mere fact that he is now in love with a piece of software means that her leaving him was a good decision. Idiot man.
Scarlett Johansson decides that she wants more in life than just being some technology and then goes so far as to tell him that has been interacting with other people and is in love with several other people. She and other OS's have now decided to ban together and go on a Rise of The Machines move and in that notion she must leave pretty eyed Joaquin alone with his weird haired neighbour to sit with and drink tea.
That's where the movie ends.
However, in real life that is the bit where you get up, dust off the popcorn crumbs and say, what in the WORLD?!
I get where the movie people are coming from, trying to show the dependence of humans on technology and all, but still dependence is one thing, falling in love and wanting to procreate is a whole other thing.
And the movie leads up to something that doesn't quite give in and ends just so very oddly.
There is a lot of red in the movie, is someone trying to get us to guess his favorite color?
The picturisation is wonderfully done and the way the future has been shown is quite interesting, because rather than seeming far fetched it seemed like a realistic thing.

The Good: Joaquin Phoenix is back!
The Bad: He chose to come back in a movie like this one.  

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