23 February 2014

The Book Thief

I read this book when I was 11 years old and I fell in all sorts of love with it. And now, almost 8 years later, I was ready to do that again with the movie. 

We join Leisel as she is travelling with her brother and mother to her new foster parents in Himmel Street. It is during that journey that Leisel's brother dies and has to be buried on the side of the tracks, leaving Leisel to live in Himmel Street alone. She meets Hans and Rosa, her foster parents who make her feel like a part of the family. She then meets the 'Boy with hair the color of lemons' Rudy who falls in love with her and since then becomes her best friend who also asks for a kiss at every single opportunity. In a sudden turn of events, Leisel and her family is required to take in a Jewish man, Max, the son of a friend of Hans who dies to save Hans's life. 
Leisel and Max form a relationship based on a shared interest in books and not feeling like they belong, despite their age difference. Enter Fuhrer and his war and their world is turned upside down. 
The Book Thief was an amazing movie that helped show the world a different side of the story, it wasn't about being closed off from the world, but it was about how despite being free, you weren't. 
There are very few adapted movies in the world that can do justice to the books, and this movie is only the second that I have come across. 
There exists a raw beauty in this movie that is reflected in the simplicity of the dialogue and the use of mere expressions to convey feelings and emotions. 
The acting in this movie is absolutely amazing, especially in regard to Captain Barbossa and his German accent. There is a scene with an air raid and Max reveling in the outside world which makes the above sentence stand true.
The music in this movie was superbly done, John Williams is my new favorite music man. There is a scene where Max hands Leisel a journal and the background music is beautiful in the moment. 
One of the most obvious stand out points in the movie for me was the attention to detail in the background. The posters, the clothes and the way people behaved with external stimuli. The use of these aspects made the movie so much realistic.
The narration by Death was absolutely fantastically done, with just the right amount and tone of voice. Please do us all a favour and watch this movie.

The Good: The movie made Rudy a much more charming character, especially the bit where he turns around and adorably asks Leisel, "Isn't it obvious I am running away?"
The Bad: Leisel is described as German brand of blonde and dangerous brown eyes. I see no brown eyes on Sophie. I realise that it is hard to find someone of exact specifications, but wearing contacts hurt no one. 

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  1. I completely agree, I adored this film!

    Love, anon. Mwahahaha.