19 February 2014

The LEGO Movie

There aren’t enough synonyms of awesome for me to be able to describe how amazing this movie is.

We see Emmett, an incredibly normal guy. SO normal in fact, that nothing about him sets him apart from everyone else in the world. He works as a construction guy in the Lego world and lives by the instructions that are given to all members of society by the President Business a.k.a Evil Overlord.
He one day comes across a beautiful woman in Elizabeth Banks and follows her until he falls down Alice’s rabbit hole. There he sees a glowing ember, which he of course touches.
He is then recruited into the Piece of Resistance with Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman who is doing what he is best at, playing God. He meets a variety of different people and all of these who have dreams beyond fitting in and being a part of someone else’s society. They have gone underground in the hopes that one day The One will come and help them get their life back on track.
The LEGO movie is an adorable amalgamation of several cult movies and also uses some of their famous lines. For instance, Terminator’s famous, ‘Come with me if you want to live’ becomes, “Come with me if you want to not die”. Clever way to avoid legal issues, yes?
Also, the entire plot line is eerily Matrix in itself..
I was quite worried about the movie just because there exists a fear with such movies that they become too hyped up, that they become children’s movies and that they end up using all the funny bits in the trailer and nothing fresh is left for the movie.
Which is undeniably false for this wonderful movie. It is a little childish, but seeing as my mental age is about 7, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
There are constant jokes and quips throughout the movie and there is especially a lot of sketch comedy-ish feel to it.
Which makes sense since both Will Ferrell and Will Arnett are famous SNL ex-members.
You will constantly be tickled and fall in love with the relatable main character.
This movie while is a teeny-tiny bit of a rip off of Matrix but it sets in it our usual terms and shows a brilliant metaphor for how everyone in their daily lives are becoming a part of The System and participate in certain social norms just to be able to fit in with the crowd.
The animation is really well done, especially with the faces, which I understand is a difficult thing to do.
It does have a stop-motion feel to I, which makes sense seeing as they are LEGO’s which hurts my head after a while,. But to each their own.
Do watch the movie, otherwise you will have at least two hours of your life where you will smile less than you should,

The Good: Chris Pratt has an adorable voice. Who knew?
The Bad: You will want to play with LEGO’s again, and you will realize that as an adult you will be judged for that.

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