1 March 2014

Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Pyaar ke Side Effects was a funny-ish enough movie. How bad could this one be?

My uncle always says that once a movie starts with a musical number, it is pretty much downhill from there. This movie is yet another example this theory of his being true.
We follow the life and times of a young and married couple to do a lot of things in order to keep their passion alive. Their fun-filled life is interrupted when Vidya Balan gets preggers. They then have to maneuver for years dealing with the incoming child, changes in behaviour, problems in marital life amongst very many things. There are several things that they use as coping mechanisms, lying to each other about their whereabouts, living in hotels, getting a nanny, living in a flatshare, pretending to be carrying someone else's baby, to name a few.
I realise that as a teenager I am too young to be able to relate to the more than half the things covered in the movie but I have also seen movies about olympic heroes, prostitutes and prisoners, and that seemed to go down well.
I wanna say that Farhan Akhtar does a good job of portraying an immature guy who is clearly unable to handle married life, just based off the fact that the urge to punch in his face grew every 10 minutes.
Vidya Balan on the other hand, was just plain disappointing. She should really stop riding on the wave created thanks to Parineeta. Her terrible acting coupled with badly written dialogues and a supreme lack of chemistry between the actors does not bode well for the audience.
Why Farhan, why must you sully the good name that you have managed to bring to your family?
There was a song that was filmed in Australia, which was completely unnecessary to the story, unless of course you count being able to write off a trip to down under.
I do believe that the director was trying to send subliminal messages through the movie with the excessive use of the color blue and you know, the whole marriage on the rocks thing. Subtlety is truly an art form, isn't it?

Oh, I'm sorry, I was just made aware that this movie was meant to be a comedy!
That just changes my perspective on this movie, especially with the use of toilet humor.

This movie apparently proves that the only side effect of marriage is a child. And being the only child of two working parents, this fact doesn't throw me into an existentialist crisis at all.
There were several similarities between this movie and Jennifer Lopez's favorite mistake 'What to expect when you're expecting' along with MTV's '16 and pregnant'.
There was a lot of voiceover in this movie, which I believe was a influence from producer Ekta Kapoor. This was also the reason there were several bits of the movie where you feel like you are watching an extremely long and grating soap opera.

The Good: There was excellent product placement that was cleverly woven into the dialogues. Ex- Baskin Robbins, T-series, Polo from Volkswagen
The Bad: Just because you use the image of Donald Duck and call him Mr. Duck, it does not make you safe from legal issues.