22 April 2014

2 States

From the author of an unprecedentedly bad book, comes the movie version we should never watch.

The film follows the life of Krish, played by tree trunk sized Arjun Kapoor, and increasingly stupid man stuck between two rather manipulative woman. He is a student at IIM Ahmedabad. He meets and falls truly, madly, deeply in love with Alia Bhatt, also a student. They spend all their time together and even end up shacking up together during their time in IIM. Graduation looms close when they realise that the next step forward is marriage. But wait, Indian twist! Alia is a south indian from Chennai while Arjun is a punjabi from Delhi. 
Lots of racial stereotypes later, we realise that their marriage is never meant to be as their families can never get along. 
They go their separate ways promising to work things out. We go back to Delhi with Krish where we see his terrible family life thank to his alcoholic and abusive father portrayed by the artist formerly known as Mr. Bajaj. 
Fueled by anger Krish takes a job in Chennai in an attempt to be closer to his beau and also to charm her family into letting him marry her. After jumping through very many hoops they do finally agree. Now it's Alia's turn to go to Delhi and charm the family. Which she actively doesn't and sits atop her high horse. She attempts to turn around a wedding fiasco and suddenly everyone is in love with her. 
The point where they reintoduce their parents to one another is the one where they wrong. Lots of pent up ego and even more stereotypes later, the marriage is off. A montage of both of them being sad about this decision later we find out that Mr. Bajaj, the closet nice guy that he is had flown to Chennai and convinced them to continue with the marriage, which goes through and they lived happily ever after, had twin boys and nine years later, met me in a food court in Delhi. 
The movie does justice to the book, or rather too much justice. I think Chetan Bhagat finally broke down and got a proper lawyer after he craziness that was Hello and 3 Idiots. Each and every single line from the book has been used in the movie, proving that screenplay writing is really not a job one must pursue with adapted movies. It was a sad state though, because the book didn't flow like a normal conversation and seemed impersonal at best. How is putting it in a visual sense going to make it any better?
Alia Bhatt's acting has improved tremendously, but somebody should point out that while her youthful looks are a blessing indeed, she spent most of the movie looking like a 12 year old. Arjun Kapoor on the other hand has only two settings, Happy or Surly. Which he pushes to the extreme in this movie. Yet, he with no talent gets movies and according to the news even the girl, while I sit here filing my nails. Long live nepotism!
The movie has pretty much the worst score I have lived to hear, with the over dramatization of regular scenes, which made me react the same way one would to nails on a chalkboard. 
The cinematography is splendid and makes the movie look great, if not sound great. 
The book was bad, the movie is not any better. Save yourself the time and money and don't watch it. 

The Good: Despite being beautiful Alia Bhatt is truly one of the ugliest criers I have ever seen. 
The Bad: Arjun Kapoor will continue acting 

Rio 2

Need a furry reminder of what adorable looks like?

Despite Jesse Eisenberg's infuriating voice, Rio made a place in our hearts thanks to the wonderful morals it spewed and the hilarity of a bird that was afraid to fly. 
The expectations were high for the new one, and it only very slightly disappointed. I'm sure it didn't mean to.
Rio 2 follows on from the first movie where we find Jewel and Blu living a happy and married life in a sanctuary meant to preserve their species, while their owners are off in the Amazon.
They find more blue macaws, which spurs on Jewel and she begs and pleads her family to leave the civilisation behind and come with her to the Jungle. Which they do after much trepidation. 
They reach the Amazon to find the birds, which they do quite easily. Blue doesn't really blend in now, does it?
In a twist of events we find out that the group of Blue Macaws are Jewel's old tribe! A family reunion takes place. Which leaves Blu feeling awkward and out of place. 
The comedy is provided by the ever present duo of Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx's characters who are off to find the new starts for their carnival show, 'Amazon: Untamed'. 
We also see a disgruntled Nigel, now flightless and a companion of a poisonous frog and an anteater out for revenge.
The movie is cute version of Avatar, even the people are blue in color! But nevertheless, it is a very fun movie to watch. I doubt you would watch it more than once, but that truly depends on how old you are. 
There isn't as much humor from the main characters as there was in the first one which made me sad, but despite that they were a cute couple. There is A LOT of singing in this movie, and while the songs sound great, I haven't managed to tell them apart just as yet. 
The colors are bright and wonderful and if you do decide to watch the movie, I strongly recommend watching it in 3D. 

The Good: The noise Will.I.Am makes is so cool, that you must incorporate it into your daily life. 
The Bad: We've seen this movie before.  

3 April 2014

Bad Words

Jason Bateman as a director? Well, this might be interesting.

We follow the life of the erroneously named Guy, who is a 40 year old man working a dead beat job. He decides to shake things up by joining the spelling bee circuit. Opposing side presents in the form of parents, teachers and even the organizers of the event, but he takes it upon himself to continue with his quest till the national competition. He dominates the competition and quells his opponents spirits by taking the dirty side of things.
He is joined on his quest with his journalist buddy with whom he has shared a bed many-a-time. He also meets 9 year old Chaitanya with whom he bonds quickly over shared daddy issues. They get up to all sorts of trouble and become unexpected friends.
The movie was refreshingly funny, with so much casual racism it made me blush. There is a LOT of swearing in this movie, which makes the title of the movie make sense.
There is a deeper story to the movie which is portrayed well, but it comes too late. Acting is brilliantly done, and my love for Allison Janney grows by the minute.
There is an internal struggle within the two main characters however, all of the deep emotions are only shown in the last 20 minutes of the movie and you are suddenly rushed with all of it.
I do have to bow down and agree that Jason Bateman has done an impeccable job of directing making sure that all aspects of the story fit in the right place.
I am a victim of a repressed society and some of the ideas expressed in the movie were slightly too far. However, I am in remission for my social problems, and I am slowly coming around to the idea of a nine year old swearing and paying prostitutes.
It is a funny movie and watching it will make you happy. So basically, it is a win-win.

The Good: Jason Bateman has come through with his promise of a funny movie.
The Bad: The child actor was not the best choice for the role.  

The Tomorrow People

Do you want to watch a show that is so cool, you will need to put on shades to deal with it?

You know how when you are 11 and you watch/read the X-men for the first time and all you want is to be a mutant. This is what is was like for me, at the age of 19 though.
Tomorrow People is a show that follows the lives of a group of people who are known as Homo Superior. And if the name doesn't give it away, they are a further evolved version of human beings. They traditionally have three powers, the three T's. Teleportation, Telepathy and Telekinesis.
We join the gang as they are introduced to a new recruit, their Messiah's child. He helps them discover that there exists another T to their list of powers. the ability to bend time.
This already gripping story is further fuelled into action when we discover a shadow war that is going on with the Tomorrow People and those who want to neutralise them.
The show has an excellent premise with a great cast which helps in supporting it. The story development has happened rather fast considering we are less than 20 episodes in. I really do wonder where they are going to go from here.
There is a lot to be desired in terms to cinematography because with a story this much action needs a dynamic view.
The soundtrack is truly terrible. But has been getting progressively better.
If you chose to ignore that in favour of a brilliant tv show, then this is the one for you.

The Good: The main actor is the guy who played Scooby from HIMYM, so you know that he is a solid actor.
The Bad: The episodes can not get here fast enough.

2 April 2014

True Detective

And the award for slowest moving television show goes to....*drumroll*
True Detective

Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait for a new episode to roll around. But I do wish more happened within the 8 episodes that are being made.
True Detective follows two separate timelines, one in 1995 and one in the present day. Both view the life of detectives Matthew and Woody, who haven't worked together since the early 2000's thanks to a falling out that they had. 
They worked together on a cold blooded killer case, in the 90's, thought they caught him and only to turn around 17 years later, and find cases that reflect the same nature of killing as did the first killer. 
The series is anthologically developed, which is very interesting because I thought a premise like this would require continuity in characters. 
The filming and cinematography is dipped heavily in the sepia filter. Which isn't helped by the copious amount of khaki worn by the main characters. There is an art to the way the scenes are filmed, which I enjoyed tremendously. The soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired but for now we can accept it. 
Acting however, is at it's zenith in this series. Woody has always been a personal favourite, proving to be a chameleon time and again (even with his god ugly wig in the Hunger Games) and Matthew is really stepping it up the dramatic acting. 
The story is really quite well thought out however, it is easy to draw parallels between Hannibal and True Detective which mars the sheer awesomeness of both the tv shows. 
Watch the show, I do mean it when I say it gets better. 

The Good: It was meant to be a movie, and I am SO very glad that it became a tv show
The Bad: Blurring out the nipples on the corpse that has been impaled, doesn't make it any less scarring.  

The Lifeguard

What is with the sudden surge in popularity with movies regarding women whose life crashes and burns?

We join a twenty nine year old Kristen Bell as she decides her life isn't going as she had planned. She decides to exchange her adult life in New York for the life she led in high school, going so far as to get the same job as she did when she was in high school. Any guesses? Uh-huh, she became a life guard. 
She then ends up having to deal with the backlash of her decision, from her parents, society and then some. 
She feels like she is continuing to drown under the pressure that is life, until she meets Little Man (a name I made up since I forgot what he was called) 
Little Man is a teenager who walks around with the bad crowd and comes to swim next to pre-mid life crisis Bell. 
They meet, talk, drink and then end up starting a highly scandalous relationship which we as the audience can view in rather graphic detail. 
This relationship helps her understand her life and manages to pull herself together. 
The only glaring point that I felt throughout the movie was that this is a movie described as comedy-drama, and the fact that I, a person who can laugh at a strange shaped cloud, did not so much as giggle while watching the movie means that it really was not funny.
And plus, can we all just take a step back and realise that the life that we plan in high school is no where near the life that we actually end up living. I graduated two years ago and even I know that. 
I understand as an art film there are certain liberties that they are allowed to take in order to do justice to the story and show the realism in it. However, I would have gladly not viewed the obvious scenes of pedophillia.
There was moderately good acting in the movie but coupled with a great soundtrack, it works well. 
There isn't much to the movie. I regret watching it, do you want to be in the same boat?

The Good: Art film are a great way to reassess your life.
The Bad: The moral of the story isn't a great message to send across.