22 April 2014

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From the author of an unprecedentedly bad book, comes the movie version we should never watch.

The film follows the life of Krish, played by tree trunk sized Arjun Kapoor, and increasingly stupid man stuck between two rather manipulative woman. He is a student at IIM Ahmedabad. He meets and falls truly, madly, deeply in love with Alia Bhatt, also a student. They spend all their time together and even end up shacking up together during their time in IIM. Graduation looms close when they realise that the next step forward is marriage. But wait, Indian twist! Alia is a south indian from Chennai while Arjun is a punjabi from Delhi. 
Lots of racial stereotypes later, we realise that their marriage is never meant to be as their families can never get along. 
They go their separate ways promising to work things out. We go back to Delhi with Krish where we see his terrible family life thank to his alcoholic and abusive father portrayed by the artist formerly known as Mr. Bajaj. 
Fueled by anger Krish takes a job in Chennai in an attempt to be closer to his beau and also to charm her family into letting him marry her. After jumping through very many hoops they do finally agree. Now it's Alia's turn to go to Delhi and charm the family. Which she actively doesn't and sits atop her high horse. She attempts to turn around a wedding fiasco and suddenly everyone is in love with her. 
The point where they reintoduce their parents to one another is the one where they wrong. Lots of pent up ego and even more stereotypes later, the marriage is off. A montage of both of them being sad about this decision later we find out that Mr. Bajaj, the closet nice guy that he is had flown to Chennai and convinced them to continue with the marriage, which goes through and they lived happily ever after, had twin boys and nine years later, met me in a food court in Delhi. 
The movie does justice to the book, or rather too much justice. I think Chetan Bhagat finally broke down and got a proper lawyer after he craziness that was Hello and 3 Idiots. Each and every single line from the book has been used in the movie, proving that screenplay writing is really not a job one must pursue with adapted movies. It was a sad state though, because the book didn't flow like a normal conversation and seemed impersonal at best. How is putting it in a visual sense going to make it any better?
Alia Bhatt's acting has improved tremendously, but somebody should point out that while her youthful looks are a blessing indeed, she spent most of the movie looking like a 12 year old. Arjun Kapoor on the other hand has only two settings, Happy or Surly. Which he pushes to the extreme in this movie. Yet, he with no talent gets movies and according to the news even the girl, while I sit here filing my nails. Long live nepotism!
The movie has pretty much the worst score I have lived to hear, with the over dramatization of regular scenes, which made me react the same way one would to nails on a chalkboard. 
The cinematography is splendid and makes the movie look great, if not sound great. 
The book was bad, the movie is not any better. Save yourself the time and money and don't watch it. 

The Good: Despite being beautiful Alia Bhatt is truly one of the ugliest criers I have ever seen. 
The Bad: Arjun Kapoor will continue acting 

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