3 April 2014

Bad Words

Jason Bateman as a director? Well, this might be interesting.

We follow the life of the erroneously named Guy, who is a 40 year old man working a dead beat job. He decides to shake things up by joining the spelling bee circuit. Opposing side presents in the form of parents, teachers and even the organizers of the event, but he takes it upon himself to continue with his quest till the national competition. He dominates the competition and quells his opponents spirits by taking the dirty side of things.
He is joined on his quest with his journalist buddy with whom he has shared a bed many-a-time. He also meets 9 year old Chaitanya with whom he bonds quickly over shared daddy issues. They get up to all sorts of trouble and become unexpected friends.
The movie was refreshingly funny, with so much casual racism it made me blush. There is a LOT of swearing in this movie, which makes the title of the movie make sense.
There is a deeper story to the movie which is portrayed well, but it comes too late. Acting is brilliantly done, and my love for Allison Janney grows by the minute.
There is an internal struggle within the two main characters however, all of the deep emotions are only shown in the last 20 minutes of the movie and you are suddenly rushed with all of it.
I do have to bow down and agree that Jason Bateman has done an impeccable job of directing making sure that all aspects of the story fit in the right place.
I am a victim of a repressed society and some of the ideas expressed in the movie were slightly too far. However, I am in remission for my social problems, and I am slowly coming around to the idea of a nine year old swearing and paying prostitutes.
It is a funny movie and watching it will make you happy. So basically, it is a win-win.

The Good: Jason Bateman has come through with his promise of a funny movie.
The Bad: The child actor was not the best choice for the role.  

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