22 April 2014

Rio 2

Need a furry reminder of what adorable looks like?

Despite Jesse Eisenberg's infuriating voice, Rio made a place in our hearts thanks to the wonderful morals it spewed and the hilarity of a bird that was afraid to fly. 
The expectations were high for the new one, and it only very slightly disappointed. I'm sure it didn't mean to.
Rio 2 follows on from the first movie where we find Jewel and Blu living a happy and married life in a sanctuary meant to preserve their species, while their owners are off in the Amazon.
They find more blue macaws, which spurs on Jewel and she begs and pleads her family to leave the civilisation behind and come with her to the Jungle. Which they do after much trepidation. 
They reach the Amazon to find the birds, which they do quite easily. Blue doesn't really blend in now, does it?
In a twist of events we find out that the group of Blue Macaws are Jewel's old tribe! A family reunion takes place. Which leaves Blu feeling awkward and out of place. 
The comedy is provided by the ever present duo of Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx's characters who are off to find the new starts for their carnival show, 'Amazon: Untamed'. 
We also see a disgruntled Nigel, now flightless and a companion of a poisonous frog and an anteater out for revenge.
The movie is cute version of Avatar, even the people are blue in color! But nevertheless, it is a very fun movie to watch. I doubt you would watch it more than once, but that truly depends on how old you are. 
There isn't as much humor from the main characters as there was in the first one which made me sad, but despite that they were a cute couple. There is A LOT of singing in this movie, and while the songs sound great, I haven't managed to tell them apart just as yet. 
The colors are bright and wonderful and if you do decide to watch the movie, I strongly recommend watching it in 3D. 

The Good: The noise Will.I.Am makes is so cool, that you must incorporate it into your daily life. 
The Bad: We've seen this movie before.  

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