2 April 2014

The Lifeguard

What is with the sudden surge in popularity with movies regarding women whose life crashes and burns?

We join a twenty nine year old Kristen Bell as she decides her life isn't going as she had planned. She decides to exchange her adult life in New York for the life she led in high school, going so far as to get the same job as she did when she was in high school. Any guesses? Uh-huh, she became a life guard. 
She then ends up having to deal with the backlash of her decision, from her parents, society and then some. 
She feels like she is continuing to drown under the pressure that is life, until she meets Little Man (a name I made up since I forgot what he was called) 
Little Man is a teenager who walks around with the bad crowd and comes to swim next to pre-mid life crisis Bell. 
They meet, talk, drink and then end up starting a highly scandalous relationship which we as the audience can view in rather graphic detail. 
This relationship helps her understand her life and manages to pull herself together. 
The only glaring point that I felt throughout the movie was that this is a movie described as comedy-drama, and the fact that I, a person who can laugh at a strange shaped cloud, did not so much as giggle while watching the movie means that it really was not funny.
And plus, can we all just take a step back and realise that the life that we plan in high school is no where near the life that we actually end up living. I graduated two years ago and even I know that. 
I understand as an art film there are certain liberties that they are allowed to take in order to do justice to the story and show the realism in it. However, I would have gladly not viewed the obvious scenes of pedophillia.
There was moderately good acting in the movie but coupled with a great soundtrack, it works well. 
There isn't much to the movie. I regret watching it, do you want to be in the same boat?

The Good: Art film are a great way to reassess your life.
The Bad: The moral of the story isn't a great message to send across.  

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