3 April 2014

The Tomorrow People

Do you want to watch a show that is so cool, you will need to put on shades to deal with it?

You know how when you are 11 and you watch/read the X-men for the first time and all you want is to be a mutant. This is what is was like for me, at the age of 19 though.
Tomorrow People is a show that follows the lives of a group of people who are known as Homo Superior. And if the name doesn't give it away, they are a further evolved version of human beings. They traditionally have three powers, the three T's. Teleportation, Telepathy and Telekinesis.
We join the gang as they are introduced to a new recruit, their Messiah's child. He helps them discover that there exists another T to their list of powers. the ability to bend time.
This already gripping story is further fuelled into action when we discover a shadow war that is going on with the Tomorrow People and those who want to neutralise them.
The show has an excellent premise with a great cast which helps in supporting it. The story development has happened rather fast considering we are less than 20 episodes in. I really do wonder where they are going to go from here.
There is a lot to be desired in terms to cinematography because with a story this much action needs a dynamic view.
The soundtrack is truly terrible. But has been getting progressively better.
If you chose to ignore that in favour of a brilliant tv show, then this is the one for you.

The Good: The main actor is the guy who played Scooby from HIMYM, so you know that he is a solid actor.
The Bad: The episodes can not get here fast enough.

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