2 April 2014

True Detective

And the award for slowest moving television show goes to....*drumroll*
True Detective

Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait for a new episode to roll around. But I do wish more happened within the 8 episodes that are being made.
True Detective follows two separate timelines, one in 1995 and one in the present day. Both view the life of detectives Matthew and Woody, who haven't worked together since the early 2000's thanks to a falling out that they had. 
They worked together on a cold blooded killer case, in the 90's, thought they caught him and only to turn around 17 years later, and find cases that reflect the same nature of killing as did the first killer. 
The series is anthologically developed, which is very interesting because I thought a premise like this would require continuity in characters. 
The filming and cinematography is dipped heavily in the sepia filter. Which isn't helped by the copious amount of khaki worn by the main characters. There is an art to the way the scenes are filmed, which I enjoyed tremendously. The soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired but for now we can accept it. 
Acting however, is at it's zenith in this series. Woody has always been a personal favourite, proving to be a chameleon time and again (even with his god ugly wig in the Hunger Games) and Matthew is really stepping it up the dramatic acting. 
The story is really quite well thought out however, it is easy to draw parallels between Hannibal and True Detective which mars the sheer awesomeness of both the tv shows. 
Watch the show, I do mean it when I say it gets better. 

The Good: It was meant to be a movie, and I am SO very glad that it became a tv show
The Bad: Blurring out the nipples on the corpse that has been impaled, doesn't make it any less scarring.  

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