18 May 2014

8000 In

Hola, my pretties!
It seems after almost 7 months of watching a whole lot of television and putting thoughts finally on to paper, or screen, for that matter, it is actually being read!
And not just read, but read so many times that I now have 75 posts and over 8000 hits.
I realise though that it is a silly number to be excited by, since it is still quite paltry compared to some of the other fancier blogs. But still, this tiny-yet-amazing site is many baby turning into a toddler.

And it's all thanks to YOU!

And in honor of this some not all that interesting stats about you, my dear audience.
Top 5 countries who read my blog:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • India (Yeah, homeboys)
  • Russia (I am just as surprised as you are)
  • United Arab Emirates
Please continue reading and showing all this enthusiasm and sharing in all the love.

What do we love? Television.
When do we want it? Literally all the time. 

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease, 

Vampire Academy

Being the good person that I am, I should warn you, this review contains spoilers for the books as well.

Confession: I absolutely loved the book series. Or at least till Dimitri becomes a strigoi. But as all adaptations have come and gone, I wasn't expecting much. 
The surprising thing was that it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. 
For one, they actually stuck to the book, so close that it almost copied the same dialogues. It follows the life of Rose a vampire protector of sorts whose best friend is a vampire. They go to night high school special for vampires and their protectors where they learn a host of things from how to stake vampires and fight of evil strigoi and learn to wield magic. 
They ran away a while ago and now have been made to come back, but not everybody is pleased to see them back. 
The duo has to deal with mean vamps and the looming presence of something evil, all while trying not to mess up their lipgloss.
It is a brilliant storyline and is something that I loved straight from the start. The actors however, are questionable. They did a good job acting, sure, but they didn't always look the part especially not the way they were described in the books. Rose seemed weak, Lissa had too much jaw and Dimitri was just passable. Natalie on the surprising hand was Sarah Hyland and as someone who shares almost the same first name, I was pleased with her performance.
The dialogues and writing was great , but true to form there are was a lot of hissing making the dialogues hard to understand.
I definitely would watch the movie and the rest of the series, but that's only because I am loyal to the books. But otherwise I don't see the appeal for watching this movie. 

The Good: They chose a good Mason, who btw, was my favorite character
The Bad: They RUINED Dimitri and Rose's relationship on screen  

The Awesome-Tastic Writer

Some quick facts about the writer:

  • Born and raised in India
  • Currently studying Broadcast Journalism from University of Leeds
  • Obviously Loves Movies
  • Also loves Buzz Lightyear. Yes, she is aware that he is a cartoon character. Haven't you heard, 'Love is blind?'
  • Is convinced that one day she will either become a superhero or immortal. Which ever comes first.
  • Will become friends with you in exchange for some cake. Or brownies. Or cookies. Or chocolate. She really likes sugar.

I always envisaged becoming something in movies/television. It really didn't matter what, as long as I got there in the end.
Writer, director, producer, *cough* actor *cough*, anything really.
And it's not for the fame and money.
Don't get me wrong, they are an awesome advantage, but I want to be able to become one of those people who are involved in creating the type of cinema that I grew watching and loving. 
The type of cinema that touched your heart, made you feel for a character that wasn't even real and made you react to hypothetical situations.
And maybe one day I will.

Until then,  however, I get to use up all of my extra energy and write to you guys what I thought of the most recent productions in television and films.

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding, well, pretty much anything, 
Twitter: @TheZarahKhan

Movies I want to Watch in 2014

Since we are halfway through the year and I am now well aware of what all is coming up or behind me, I have decided what I want to watch this year.

This list of movies has made me increasingly happy and I hope it gives you hope for the future! 

Walk of Shame

There exists a hilarity which only Elizabeth Banks possesses and this movie is a great example of the same, other than when she guest stars on Modern Family.

This was sadly a movie which told practically it's entire story within its trailer. 

Including most of the actual funny lines within the movie. 
Which was an absolute shame, because it is a genuinely funny movie. I must confess, I do enjoy movies that show 'It Happened One Night', just like Superbad. 
Though this movie is drastically different than Superbad. 
We follow the life of aspiring news anchor *cough*personally relatable*cough* who gets dumped brutally, might I add. Her friends take her out to distract her where she meets Brunette Chris Pine in James Marsden. 
They hit it off a little too well, if you get my innuendo covered drift. BUT, she wakes up the next morning, with no idea where in the city she is and she must get to her anchor job.
She meets a host of varied people including walking into a crack house and getting arrested for prostitution. 
She eventually self-actualized, within the short span of the movie and the even shorter time of the day, as the movie would have you believe. 
There is a lot of humor in this movie, and great direction. The acting was surprisingly good from everyone, including Gillian Jacobs, who was funny in her own little way. 
I feel like the amount of attention this movie got was paltry, and definitely deserved more!

The Good: James MARSDEN!
The Bad: It made crack houses seem better than they actually are. 


Bad Neighbours for you if you are living in England.

I dislike dave Franco with a burning passion. It's nothing really to do with him personally, it's the constant refusal to open his eyes and speak that weird monotone that he shares with his brother. And yet I enjoyed this movie.
Yeah, so was I.
Seth Rogen is really coming into his own and trying to change his image from being the weird side-kick who swears a lot to the weird main guy who swears a lot. His neighbourhood has recently been taken over by a frat house and boy, do they party. The frat boys are led by our very own Wildcat Zac Efron who dislikes everything about Seth Rogen and fears that Seth's life is his future.
Spurred on by this he lashes out at Seth and family who are after all only trying to live in suburban peace. But once a frat boy declares war, it's go time.
Lot of pranks on each other later, they realise that all they want is to be left alone in peace to live out their life.
The strange thing about this movie was that it was meant to show the difference between two generations, which I imagine would be hard to do if you main leading men are pretty much from the same generation and look like it as well.

 But, I guess it wouldn't have been funny otherwise. *shrug* It was a funny movie, made for 20-something's after a long time. 
The direction seemed normal, with nothing really great or bad. The dialogues, however, were well crafted and witty. 
The delivery could have been better buuuuuuuuut, who's complaining.
You could definitely watch the movie, more than once even.

The Good: Funny movies do exist.
The Bad: What in the world is the ending?

4 May 2014

Faking It

A new MTV original show that really hurts my mind.

This show follows the life of a social climbing-ly obsessed girl and her obviously lesbian-in-love-with-best-friend best friend.
Social Climber constantly comes up with ways to make them stand out and make them popular, to no avail. Until overtly gay guy, from G.B.F makes an executive decision to out them to the world. 
While social climber isn't gay, but best friend is still in the closet, which makes things awkward. 
Social climber also gets a secret boyfriend, an Edward Cullen lookalike. He only seems interested in SC because she is a lesbian. 
The SC and Closet Lesbian rise very quickly in popularity much to the chagrin of Closet Lesbians step sister, who plays stereotypical evil popular girl with the exact same proportions of a Barbie Doll. 
The show has only got two episodes, but dear me, is it offensive. 
In a generation that seems to accept all sorts of people, suddenly pretending to be lesbians is the only way to become famous. 
I would not suggest this show to anyone, let alone to someone who is not a narrow minded person. 

The Good: ........um.........ummmmm........................hmmmm.......
The Bad: Why does this show exist?

Mixology: Updated

If the name doesn't give it away, this is a show set in a bar, and as they remind you in the start of every show, with 10 strangers and the the crazy things they do for 'love'.

The show is meant to follow the life of 10 strangers who meet each other in a bar, which has no music in it, strangely, and they all interact and bond and create memories.
The entire season of this show is set in one night and the season finale is meant to be the end of the night.
Which begs the question, what in the world is happening with the development of the show.
The show itself, so far is brilliant. With great characters and fresh humor, it promises to be a great way to pass time.
Each show has an emphasis of specific characters storylines and the way it is told is actually really great.
There is a lot of background narration in the episodes, but oddly, it adds rather than detracts from the story.
I definitely think that it is a must watch. I don't know what it would be like in the future but we are about 10 episodes in and I am enjoying it.

The Good: It is genuinely funny
The Bad: It has Sugar from Glee in it.

UPDATE: You see how I was worried about the show development? Now I don't have to worry anymore, seeing as they cancelled the show.
But strangely enough it ended wonderfully, and I do think everyone should watch it.

The Crazy Ones

And Robin Williams is back!

Along with Sarah Michelle Gellar, a riveting show has been created filled with humour and deep feelings. 
Williams plays the head of an advertising agency and Gellar plays his old and dutiful daughter/employee. They are accompanied by a rag-tag group of associates and a secretary who add of the fun of the show. 
At times though, Robin seems to acting a tad too much but it works with the role that he is required to act. 
The show is still in it's first season but strangely enough there have been so many breaks throughout and the output has been rather slow.
Which has made the development of the show feel slow as well.
The direction of the show is exemplary and really helps add to the the craziness. 
The dialogue is fast, witty and quite often mumbled so you have to keep up with the show if you want to laugh. 
I don't know where the show will take us, but I am eager to watch the rest of it.

The Good: I love Robin Williams.
The Bad: Dear god, he be old.