18 May 2014

8000 In

Hola, my pretties!
It seems after almost 7 months of watching a whole lot of television and putting thoughts finally on to paper, or screen, for that matter, it is actually being read!
And not just read, but read so many times that I now have 75 posts and over 8000 hits.
I realise though that it is a silly number to be excited by, since it is still quite paltry compared to some of the other fancier blogs. But still, this tiny-yet-amazing site is many baby turning into a toddler.

And it's all thanks to YOU!

And in honor of this some not all that interesting stats about you, my dear audience.
Top 5 countries who read my blog:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • India (Yeah, homeboys)
  • Russia (I am just as surprised as you are)
  • United Arab Emirates
Please continue reading and showing all this enthusiasm and sharing in all the love.

What do we love? Television.
When do we want it? Literally all the time. 

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease, 

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