4 May 2014

Faking It

A new MTV original show that really hurts my mind.

This show follows the life of a social climbing-ly obsessed girl and her obviously lesbian-in-love-with-best-friend best friend.
Social Climber constantly comes up with ways to make them stand out and make them popular, to no avail. Until overtly gay guy, from G.B.F makes an executive decision to out them to the world. 
While social climber isn't gay, but best friend is still in the closet, which makes things awkward. 
Social climber also gets a secret boyfriend, an Edward Cullen lookalike. He only seems interested in SC because she is a lesbian. 
The SC and Closet Lesbian rise very quickly in popularity much to the chagrin of Closet Lesbians step sister, who plays stereotypical evil popular girl with the exact same proportions of a Barbie Doll. 
The show has only got two episodes, but dear me, is it offensive. 
In a generation that seems to accept all sorts of people, suddenly pretending to be lesbians is the only way to become famous. 
I would not suggest this show to anyone, let alone to someone who is not a narrow minded person. 

The Good: ........um.........ummmmm........................hmmmm.......
The Bad: Why does this show exist?

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