18 May 2014


Bad Neighbours for you if you are living in England.

I dislike dave Franco with a burning passion. It's nothing really to do with him personally, it's the constant refusal to open his eyes and speak that weird monotone that he shares with his brother. And yet I enjoyed this movie.
Yeah, so was I.
Seth Rogen is really coming into his own and trying to change his image from being the weird side-kick who swears a lot to the weird main guy who swears a lot. His neighbourhood has recently been taken over by a frat house and boy, do they party. The frat boys are led by our very own Wildcat Zac Efron who dislikes everything about Seth Rogen and fears that Seth's life is his future.
Spurred on by this he lashes out at Seth and family who are after all only trying to live in suburban peace. But once a frat boy declares war, it's go time.
Lot of pranks on each other later, they realise that all they want is to be left alone in peace to live out their life.
The strange thing about this movie was that it was meant to show the difference between two generations, which I imagine would be hard to do if you main leading men are pretty much from the same generation and look like it as well.

 But, I guess it wouldn't have been funny otherwise. *shrug* It was a funny movie, made for 20-something's after a long time. 
The direction seemed normal, with nothing really great or bad. The dialogues, however, were well crafted and witty. 
The delivery could have been better buuuuuuuuut, who's complaining.
You could definitely watch the movie, more than once even.

The Good: Funny movies do exist.
The Bad: What in the world is the ending?

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  1. Yay ! I was just looking for something to watch . What would I do without you?