4 May 2014

The Crazy Ones

And Robin Williams is back!

Along with Sarah Michelle Gellar, a riveting show has been created filled with humour and deep feelings. 
Williams plays the head of an advertising agency and Gellar plays his old and dutiful daughter/employee. They are accompanied by a rag-tag group of associates and a secretary who add of the fun of the show. 
At times though, Robin seems to acting a tad too much but it works with the role that he is required to act. 
The show is still in it's first season but strangely enough there have been so many breaks throughout and the output has been rather slow.
Which has made the development of the show feel slow as well.
The direction of the show is exemplary and really helps add to the the craziness. 
The dialogue is fast, witty and quite often mumbled so you have to keep up with the show if you want to laugh. 
I don't know where the show will take us, but I am eager to watch the rest of it.

The Good: I love Robin Williams.
The Bad: Dear god, he be old. 

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