18 May 2014

Vampire Academy

Being the good person that I am, I should warn you, this review contains spoilers for the books as well.

Confession: I absolutely loved the book series. Or at least till Dimitri becomes a strigoi. But as all adaptations have come and gone, I wasn't expecting much. 
The surprising thing was that it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. 
For one, they actually stuck to the book, so close that it almost copied the same dialogues. It follows the life of Rose a vampire protector of sorts whose best friend is a vampire. They go to night high school special for vampires and their protectors where they learn a host of things from how to stake vampires and fight of evil strigoi and learn to wield magic. 
They ran away a while ago and now have been made to come back, but not everybody is pleased to see them back. 
The duo has to deal with mean vamps and the looming presence of something evil, all while trying not to mess up their lipgloss.
It is a brilliant storyline and is something that I loved straight from the start. The actors however, are questionable. They did a good job acting, sure, but they didn't always look the part especially not the way they were described in the books. Rose seemed weak, Lissa had too much jaw and Dimitri was just passable. Natalie on the surprising hand was Sarah Hyland and as someone who shares almost the same first name, I was pleased with her performance.
The dialogues and writing was great , but true to form there are was a lot of hissing making the dialogues hard to understand.
I definitely would watch the movie and the rest of the series, but that's only because I am loyal to the books. But otherwise I don't see the appeal for watching this movie. 

The Good: They chose a good Mason, who btw, was my favorite character
The Bad: They RUINED Dimitri and Rose's relationship on screen  

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