18 May 2014

Walk of Shame

There exists a hilarity which only Elizabeth Banks possesses and this movie is a great example of the same, other than when she guest stars on Modern Family.

This was sadly a movie which told practically it's entire story within its trailer. 

Including most of the actual funny lines within the movie. 
Which was an absolute shame, because it is a genuinely funny movie. I must confess, I do enjoy movies that show 'It Happened One Night', just like Superbad. 
Though this movie is drastically different than Superbad. 
We follow the life of aspiring news anchor *cough*personally relatable*cough* who gets dumped brutally, might I add. Her friends take her out to distract her where she meets Brunette Chris Pine in James Marsden. 
They hit it off a little too well, if you get my innuendo covered drift. BUT, she wakes up the next morning, with no idea where in the city she is and she must get to her anchor job.
She meets a host of varied people including walking into a crack house and getting arrested for prostitution. 
She eventually self-actualized, within the short span of the movie and the even shorter time of the day, as the movie would have you believe. 
There is a lot of humor in this movie, and great direction. The acting was surprisingly good from everyone, including Gillian Jacobs, who was funny in her own little way. 
I feel like the amount of attention this movie got was paltry, and definitely deserved more!

The Good: James MARSDEN!
The Bad: It made crack houses seem better than they actually are. 

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