14 June 2014

22 Jump Street

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, them boys are back!

When the first movie came out, we all fell in love with the silly duo, who reminded us slightly of the incredible Bad Boys. And then they thought since the money was coming in anyway, let's continue to make it rain.
Now, grown up and looking even older than they did in the last movie, they make a return to Jump Street and go to college.
The story of the movie is eerily similar  to the first one, with the duo infiltrating the kids social groups and trying to do a drug bust. But things go terribly awry when they split up. Just like they did in the last movie.
Jonah Hill finds himself a new woman to lust after, just like the last movie, while Tatum finds a new best friend.
The movie was a carbon copy of the first, but with a lot more of a capacity of funny stored away.
The acting was average especially from Tatum who just looked sleepy halfway through. And Jonah Hill, the shining star mumbled and stuttered his way through to our hearts. The girl however, refused to act throughout the movie and just sustained herself as a pretty face to watch.
The direction and editing of the this movie was something I did enjoy tremendously. I do think you should watch the movie, just don't expect to watch again.

The Good: Stick around till the end, the credit sequence is one to watch
The Bad: They made a 'as previously seen on...' , which I don't see as a required aspect. Plus, we've lived through years of sequels, we don't need to be told what happened in the last movie. 

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