28 June 2014


This movie should come with a warning: Do not go watch this on an empty stomach.

Jon Favreau is absolutely talented to the brim. He was funny as Pete in Friends, he was brilliant as the director of Iron Man and lazy in the direction of Iron Man 2.
Couple that enthusiasm for cinema with the wonderful acting prowess of Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and RDJ and you get a great movie to boot. You also need to add the secret ingredient of great filming and lots and lots of food, that just fills your mouth with water.
Favreau is the head chef of Hoffman's restaurant where he feels creatively stifled. And after a bad online review he decides to quit his job.
His life seems to be in shambles, with his beautiful ex-wife in Sofia Vergara trying to help him get his life together, his son feeling abandoned, his plaything in Scarlett Johansson being all coy and silly and his su chef becoming his new replacement.
He takes a trip to Miami where he meets his ex-wife's ex-husband, RDJ who gives him his own food truck.
Jon then decides to make amazing looking cuban sandwiches and travel the country with his son, food truck and pal. They become an instant hit and they go viral.
SO viral indeed that they get super busy and in the end they get their own restaurant and life becomes peachy. This movie is a great way of showing the world how much the internet has affected and changed us. And it does it in probably the cutest and innovative ways possible. With great graphics, along with that.
In short, have you ever heard the song, Cat's in the Cradle? You can now watch the visual representation in this adorable movie.
Its funny, light hearted, sweet and makes you feel good at the end.
Please go watch it as soon as possible.
Also, this movie has undoubtedly the best score that I have ever watched. It makes you want to get up shimmy and bust a move. Don't believe me? Judge for yourself then : Chef Soundtrack or just listen to their main score here.

The Good: So much food! And the delectable filming of all the food. With the audible goodness of all the food.
The Bad: They got Russell Peters to do a cameo, but they made him less funny than he really is. Why, Jon, why would you make the one funny Indian, not funny?

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