23 June 2014


My eyes! Why must they burn so?

Akshay Kumar is fairly middle-aged. Why is he insisting on playing roles that require a twenty something man?
We see the life of a young Army officer in the defence intelligence branch of the Indian Army. He return home for vacay, and instead of relaxing, he is rushed to meet a girl and her family. This means that he doesn't have any chance of changing out of his fatigues, which leads to several army based jokes. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say jokes? I meant to say laughter intended dialogues. The word joke might imply that people might have laughed at it.
He see the girl, and it seems like he likes her. But then he turn around and rings the girl's family and tells them that he is just not that into her.
The girl, Sonakshi Sinha, in response slaps her father, and then takes a lot of money from him complaining about the tedious task of making 6 cups of coffee.
Where are the the good Indian values that Bollywood espouses?
I am not entirely sure what character Sonakshi was meant to be playing, she seemed to oscillate between a bratty, spoilt tomboy and a whiny little girl with anger management issues.
Govinda came back swinging in this movie, with his usual acting skills akin to a piece of granite.
Also, why did none of Akshay Kumar's friends, who looked to be closer to my age, not question the presence of a 50 year old man in their midst?
Horrible background music accompanied the even worse dialogues, which just didn't flow and seemed to be written by a 3 year old child.
Oh, the actual plot of this movie involves a lot of terrorism and taking care of national matters. And also, strangely inducing suicide of police officers.
Please save the cinema money and don't bother watching the Crapfest of 2014.

The Good: There was a song in there somewhere which, um, nice?
The Bad: Such movies get made, while there is actual talent out there getting stifled?

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