16 June 2014

Orange is the New Black

What wouldn't I give to get a job working for Netflix?

This show was made for you to binge watch, and as a person who watched the entire second season within 24 hours, I can truly attest to this fact. 
Based on a book, OITNB follows the life of Piper Chapman, an average woman upon the first look, who has lived a life of adventure with her girlfriend Alex Vause, an international drug dealer. Chapman is now engaged to Larry, and surrenders herself to the police and goes to jail for 15 months. 
The TV show is based in the prison itself and shows the differnt ways people live, and survive the horror that is jail time. 
The show is absolutely well directed, and edited so seamlessly that you don't even understand how you have managed to watch an hour long episode so quickly.
Dialogue is incredibly crude and if it was aired before primetime, it would consist solely of beeps. There are well-detailed characters, each of the actors do justice to their roles. Having said that, I must point out that I really do not like Taylor Schilling, the protagonist, and her acting makes my head hurt. And Jason Biggs is like his role in American Pie, the grown up version. The show gives a great insight to the way government works and the depravity of humans. 
On the cusp of it's 3rd season, it is truly one to look out for. 

The Good: After the end of That 70's Show, my heart yearned for Laura Prepon, and now she's back!
The Bad: I realised that I as a person am Crazy-Eyes
The Uncomfortable: Since the tv show is a Netflix venture, all of the episodes are released in one go. Which I do not understand. At all. I enjoy the anticipation of waiting for a new episode each week. And despite the fact that I am all for change, this is one thing I really am not happy with. It's like skipping to the end of a good book to find out who the murderer is.

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