29 June 2014

Somebody to Love

Ever had a bad day?
Ever felt alone?
Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

On the eve of the first weekend I have spent all alone, I felt all those things. And as an avid eater of feelings, this one just wasn't doing the trick.
So I went on the internet to find some love.
Anything, really that didn't make me feel sad. And I came across a website, that I had nearly all but forgotten about.

And boy was I happy. This website hosts videos from people all around the world who say hello, maybe a few nice things along with it and then they hug the camera.
And it sounds corny and silly, but it is truly the nicest thing on the internet.
I don't know what it is, the idea that people have genuinely taken the time out to hug their screens, or the idea that if I met them, they might just actually hug me.
Initially, I was skeptical and didn't really think that it would help, but after a few minutes, it grows on you. And then the next thing you know, you are giggling and smiling it all away.

So in times of need, and with nobody to share it with, all you need is to go on the website.
And who knows, if you are feeling like sharing in the love, you can give a hug too. 

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