1 June 2014

The Axe of May

For those of you who know me, the title may mislead you. May is the month that holds the day we all love, my birthday.
But it is also the time that the ratings for shows are reviewed. And in many cases it is the time, when shows meet the back exit.
And this year is different to no other, other than the tiny fact that the show I have held near and dear for a long time has met the chopping board.
Community, a show set in the strange world of community college was the show that kept me going in times that were hard.

This show introduced me to the wonderful imagination of Dan Harmon and the Five-head of Joel Mchale which I have come to enjoy of late. 
With the departure of SNL veteran Chevy Chase and funny music man Don Glover in it's final season, meant that the show's funniness had decreased tremendously. But it had come very far, indeed. And now, with a parting cackle from Ken Jeong, it's gone. 

Another one which bit the dust was the show everybody loved to hate, Suburgatory. 

If someone were to ask me what the show was about, I could not answer that question. It was an eclectic mix of characters, but the presence of Jeremy Sisto, my dear throwback to the days when Clueless was a thing, meant that I had to watch the show systematically. 
But with the demise of these two funny shows I do hope that there exists a new era of comedy shows.

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