19 June 2014

The Unsung Hero

Seeing as I was going through my quarterly 'no one loves me and I am going to die alone' phase, I did everything that any ordinary woman would do. Which was to wallow in self-pity and watch sappy movies. 
And in my movie period, I realised that there was one movie that I always turned to and one movie that made me happy no matter what. 
We all know that quite a few of the storylines were courtesy of Shakespeare's hard work. And most of them made great movies. Twelfth Night became She's the Man, Taming of the Shrew became 10 Things I hate about You and so on and so forth. 
But my favorite play ever written was made into a wonderfully delightful movie, Get over It a.k.a Midsummer Nights Dream. 

Set in high school, it follows the life of Burke a man who had his love in Allison and lost it to the European accented Stryker (yes, that is his name). He goes on a mission to win her back, by auditioning and participating in the school's version of Midsummer Night's Dream. With an extremely funny cast of characters the movie is really one to watch, with a lot of comedy stuffed into it. 

Please watch it, so that I can find more people who love this movie. 

Bonus: Martin Short is in this movie. 

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