17 June 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Ever had a moment in you life that you looked forward to, but that it was so bad, that it physically hurt to breathe in the next moment?

Ignore the first line, it was me over-reacting to an average movie, that in my mind was hyped up to be the next best thing.
A movie, that for all means and purposes only employed stupidly famous people for the sake of it and gave them less than 3 lines of dialogue to say overall, DOFP, showed how bad directing can really get.
With storylines hardly being explained in the jigsaw that was this movie, it was pure genius to make sure that most of the actors mumble their way through it. Yes, Nicholas Hoult, I am looking at you. Thank god, I watched it with subtitles.
The trailers and all the internet made it seem as though the movie would comprise of half and half, the future and the past. What they lied about was that the fact it is entirely about the past with about 11 minutes of the future in it.
The acting in this movie was at best a lazy attempt, and for the first time I thought Jennifer Lawrence was one of the better actors in the movie.
Things I didn't understand:

  • Why did they employ Peter Dinklage, Ian Mckellen, Anna Paquin, Kelsey Grammar, Halle Berry, Booboo Stewart, Lucas Till and the guy who plays Bobby when any lay person could have played the role written for them?
  • Why does James McAvoy put his fingers to his temple while using his powers but Patrick Stewart doesn't?
  • When they were going through the 'transformation' for Prof. X, why did they not cut his manky hair?
  • Where was the amazing, hair-raising music?
If you are a lay person, who didn't grow up watching X-Men and reading the comics, and then watching the previous movies and hence, have not grown emotionally attached to a piece of fiction, then you might be slightly disappointed or might even like this movie.
Anything else, and you are going through the same emotional turmoil as I am.

The Good: Another X-Men movie!
The Bad: Thanks to the end where they show, both Jean Grey and Scott (Cyclops) well, alive and in love, we are now aware that all the movies previously made have been rendered useless. 

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