31 July 2014

The Normal Heart

This is my 90th post and my hands bear keyboard burns. The 90th deserves a good film, and boy, is it a good one.

A film based on the HIV epidemic in the early 80's when the world was convinced that it was 'gay cancer', it is a film that challenges the premonitions that people 
A made-for-tv film, it deserves to be shown in theaters the world over. We see Ned, Mark Ruffalo, a gay writer who see's his friends and acquaintances slowly melt away as the disease spreads amongst them. He meets a wheelchair bound Julia Roberts a doctor who is convinced that this disease needs to be looked into so that we can cure the world of it.
She convinces Ned of this, and they together ask the local gay community of New York to stop fornicating so as to stem the flow of the disease. 
Which of course, they immediately laugh at. But Ned gets a few recruits, and they band together to get enough public funding to look into the spread of this disease. They keep fighting despite losing more and more members to the dreaded disease. 
This movie is a heartfelt one with so many emotions packed into it that you will be a wreck by the end of it. My respect for Mark Ruffalo keeps growing exponentially, with his acting being astoundingly great. Jim Parsons in a surprise move has proven he can do more than just be a stoic and neurotic robot of a man on screen and Taylor Kitsch is brilliant entry to my cinematic world. Julia Roberts was a bit unlikable, but it added to her character and worked well with the film.
This movie added to my growing suspicion that I can only survive if the film has a happy ending. Matt Bomer is an absolute gem in this film making it almost unbearable to watch him by the end. Which for a man as beautiful as him, is very difficult. 
The plot starts strongly and stay strong. It dipped a little in the middle, but it was nothing I couldn't deal with. The amazing cinematography adds to the wonder that is this film. My respect for Ryan Murphy has finally been revived after the demise of Glee. 

The Good: Julia Robert says the F word. A couple of times. 
The Bad: Matt Bomer cries. I cannot deal. 

30 July 2014


It's like Christmas came early and then decided to punch you in the face.
Confused by the metaphor? This movie explains it.

Tammy is a young woman who has one extremely bad day and things snowball from there. She decides to call it a day, pack up and run away. To nowhere specific, mind you. And in an odd twist of fate she is accompanied with the her grandmother, the goddess at whose altar I worship at, Susan Sarandon.
And that is where all the good I can say about this movie ends.
Lets rip the band-aid, first off, this movie lies to you from the start. It is not a comedy. I am person who can laugh at the stupidest of things, for hours as well. But did I laugh at any point in this movie? Did I even chuckle? No, I did no such thing.
I did, however, giggle a few times. Does that help?
There story is there, the acting is not. Melissa McCarthy looked tired for most of the film, which in some instances worked thanks to her role, but mostly it didn't.
And when did Susan get so old?
It alarmed me so.
The Mr. McCarthy didn't work as well, and the brief moment Allison Janney was on screen, she did not much.
I was heart broken to find the source of joy such as Melissa, was unfunny. The film as a whole was a disappointment, it wasn't just her.
The dialogue was ordinary at best, and mumbled quite a bit.
I didn't get the ending, partly because I skipped it through. My patience was wearing thin.

This film is truly terrible and I can certainly say, do not bother watching it.

The Good: Susan Sarandon in a movie.
The Bad: Susan Sarandon in a bad movie. 

29 July 2014

A Million ways to Die in the West

I was told that this was a funny movie that I must watch. What I was not warned about was the love that existed in this movie.

We follow the life of extremely attractive sheep farmer Seth Macfarlane, who loves and lives for Princess Amanda Seyfried. That is until she dumps him for being a coward and passionless. He is heartbroken and is comforted by his best friend, the town idiot Giovanni Ribisi and his wh**e of a girlfriend Sarah Silverman. Now, now, don't get me wrong, I am not being exceptionally rude to Sarah that was genuinely what she did for a living.
Pretty Boy sheep farmer is plunged further into depressed when he spies Princess with Fancy-Pants Neil Patrick Harris, admiring his rather fetching moustache. He remains in this funk until the Elusive Charlize Theron enters the scene.
She was married to Gangster Liam Neeson but troubled by his wily ways a.k.a killing people needlessly, she leaves him and runs right into the town inhabited by Funny Man sheep farmer.
She meets him, befriends him, and then after an altercation between Sheep Farmer and Fancy Pants at a county fair, she decides to teach him how to shoot a gun.
And in a weeks time.
And in the tale as old as time and in Hollywood's contrite effort to further establish that men and women really cannot be friends, he falls in love with her. As does she but she has the tiny issue of being married. Complications galore.

This movie really proved that Seth wasn't a one hit wonder, and also reminds us that we are really not doing much with our lives. Jokes are a plenty and has been one of the few movies around in a while where I have had to resist the urge to pause and change dialogues. Everyone has acted truly exceptionally, except Sarah Silverman, who just did what she usually does.
Yep, this time I was being rude.
The direction has improved tremendously from his first movie, and it was a wonderful new take on old Westerns.
But whether or not you are a fan of Family Guy and all the trimmings, this movie is a must watch.

The Good: Neil Patrick Harris in that moustache is just the bee's knees.
The Bad: There was an actual tiny amount of gore in this movie, which I am ok with as long as I am expecting it. Which I wasn't. So I wasn't ok with it. 

26 July 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Ever been so excited for something grand only to have it snatched from you in a cruel and decisive manner?

A long awaited movie, this sequel truly needs to be the last we see of this franchise. Sounds odd coming from a person like me who loves cuteness? Thats how strange this movie is.
We join in five years after the end of the last movie, where Hiccup and adorable Toothless are travelling in search for new lands, when they suddenly come across a weird new place with lots of pointy ice, where they get attacked and instead of fleeing, Hiccup decides to ride into the foray and talk to them. Not confront, talk.
The plot is a slightly confusing, I am going to attempt to shine light on this without giving out spoilers. There exists a Plot A that we find out in the pointy ice thing, which starts and stops more times than traffic on the Ring Road during rush hour. And the stopping happens thanks to Plot B, which is a fairly important strand but they become so involved in it that you have to ask whatever happened with Plot A.
And they finally intertwine, only to suddenly discover a further Plot C.
The movie has way too many emotional highs and lows for a children's movie. And there has been no growth and development in the characters making the main ones far unlikable. Hiccup's strange form of courage and his slightly nervous way of talking worked in the first film where he was a underdog who was unsure of himself, and the passionless way Jay talked worked. But now that he has a great friend in a DRAGON and is supposed to be all that, he sounds condescending and patronising rather than nice. Same could be said for Astrid, her fire, which made her memorable in the first film, only existed in glimpses in this film. As for the background characters, they finally more than 5 lines to say throughout!
Toothless is adorable though, and it might be worth watching this strange kids film just for his cuteness.
If you have seen the first film you will be severely disappointed. If you haven't seen the first film then you will really not like this film. 

The Good: There are adorable DRAGONS in this film.
The Bad: Physically hurt to watch the last 25 mins. Not exaggerating. 


Adam Sandler makes yet another movie. *Sigh*
Wait, a minute. Is this a sweet, endearing and dare I say it, funny movie?

We follow the lives of two single parents, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, coincidentally with several children of the opposite gender.
They get set up on a blind date, and he takes her to Hooters. Which as a woman, I get why she reacted badly to it.
Turns out he is a widower whose wife was a Hooter. A Hootress? I don't know, she just worked at Hooters.
They somehow is a form of quick writing arrive at the same holiday in Africa children in tow. Initially, they are at each other's throats, but soon they managed to put their differences aside and join their families together  to enjoy their few days of amazing holiday days.
Maybe the movie was a great way to write their extended holiday as a tax write off?
Ehn, we enjoyed it.
There are several jokes in the movies, which might makes you more than chuckle. A heartfelt story, and family fun is a part of the package. And quite some witty lines thrown in there. Joel Mchale makes a surprise cameo in the movie, which made the Community nerd in me giggle with delight. Also Terry Crews in a strange wig sings a lot.
The movie isn't a must watch, but if you do watch it I can promise you won't hate it.

The Good: SO many pop culture references. I enjoyed that thoroughly. Including several potshots at Twilight.
The Bad: This movie perpetuates the theory, that if girls lather on makeup only then will guys notice them.
The Info: Blended refers to families, who would otherwise be broken families, joining together and becoming one big family! It was a cute idea.