29 July 2014

A Million ways to Die in the West

I was told that this was a funny movie that I must watch. What I was not warned about was the love that existed in this movie.

We follow the life of extremely attractive sheep farmer Seth Macfarlane, who loves and lives for Princess Amanda Seyfried. That is until she dumps him for being a coward and passionless. He is heartbroken and is comforted by his best friend, the town idiot Giovanni Ribisi and his wh**e of a girlfriend Sarah Silverman. Now, now, don't get me wrong, I am not being exceptionally rude to Sarah that was genuinely what she did for a living.
Pretty Boy sheep farmer is plunged further into depressed when he spies Princess with Fancy-Pants Neil Patrick Harris, admiring his rather fetching moustache. He remains in this funk until the Elusive Charlize Theron enters the scene.
She was married to Gangster Liam Neeson but troubled by his wily ways a.k.a killing people needlessly, she leaves him and runs right into the town inhabited by Funny Man sheep farmer.
She meets him, befriends him, and then after an altercation between Sheep Farmer and Fancy Pants at a county fair, she decides to teach him how to shoot a gun.
And in a weeks time.
And in the tale as old as time and in Hollywood's contrite effort to further establish that men and women really cannot be friends, he falls in love with her. As does she but she has the tiny issue of being married. Complications galore.

This movie really proved that Seth wasn't a one hit wonder, and also reminds us that we are really not doing much with our lives. Jokes are a plenty and has been one of the few movies around in a while where I have had to resist the urge to pause and change dialogues. Everyone has acted truly exceptionally, except Sarah Silverman, who just did what she usually does.
Yep, this time I was being rude.
The direction has improved tremendously from his first movie, and it was a wonderful new take on old Westerns.
But whether or not you are a fan of Family Guy and all the trimmings, this movie is a must watch.

The Good: Neil Patrick Harris in that moustache is just the bee's knees.
The Bad: There was an actual tiny amount of gore in this movie, which I am ok with as long as I am expecting it. Which I wasn't. So I wasn't ok with it. 

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