26 July 2014


Adam Sandler makes yet another movie. *Sigh*
Wait, a minute. Is this a sweet, endearing and dare I say it, funny movie?

We follow the lives of two single parents, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, coincidentally with several children of the opposite gender.
They get set up on a blind date, and he takes her to Hooters. Which as a woman, I get why she reacted badly to it.
Turns out he is a widower whose wife was a Hooter. A Hootress? I don't know, she just worked at Hooters.
They somehow is a form of quick writing arrive at the same holiday in Africa children in tow. Initially, they are at each other's throats, but soon they managed to put their differences aside and join their families together  to enjoy their few days of amazing holiday days.
Maybe the movie was a great way to write their extended holiday as a tax write off?
Ehn, we enjoyed it.
There are several jokes in the movies, which might makes you more than chuckle. A heartfelt story, and family fun is a part of the package. And quite some witty lines thrown in there. Joel Mchale makes a surprise cameo in the movie, which made the Community nerd in me giggle with delight. Also Terry Crews in a strange wig sings a lot.
The movie isn't a must watch, but if you do watch it I can promise you won't hate it.

The Good: SO many pop culture references. I enjoyed that thoroughly. Including several potshots at Twilight.
The Bad: This movie perpetuates the theory, that if girls lather on makeup only then will guys notice them.
The Info: Blended refers to families, who would otherwise be broken families, joining together and becoming one big family! It was a cute idea.

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