26 July 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Ever been so excited for something grand only to have it snatched from you in a cruel and decisive manner?

A long awaited movie, this sequel truly needs to be the last we see of this franchise. Sounds odd coming from a person like me who loves cuteness? Thats how strange this movie is.
We join in five years after the end of the last movie, where Hiccup and adorable Toothless are travelling in search for new lands, when they suddenly come across a weird new place with lots of pointy ice, where they get attacked and instead of fleeing, Hiccup decides to ride into the foray and talk to them. Not confront, talk.
The plot is a slightly confusing, I am going to attempt to shine light on this without giving out spoilers. There exists a Plot A that we find out in the pointy ice thing, which starts and stops more times than traffic on the Ring Road during rush hour. And the stopping happens thanks to Plot B, which is a fairly important strand but they become so involved in it that you have to ask whatever happened with Plot A.
And they finally intertwine, only to suddenly discover a further Plot C.
The movie has way too many emotional highs and lows for a children's movie. And there has been no growth and development in the characters making the main ones far unlikable. Hiccup's strange form of courage and his slightly nervous way of talking worked in the first film where he was a underdog who was unsure of himself, and the passionless way Jay talked worked. But now that he has a great friend in a DRAGON and is supposed to be all that, he sounds condescending and patronising rather than nice. Same could be said for Astrid, her fire, which made her memorable in the first film, only existed in glimpses in this film. As for the background characters, they finally more than 5 lines to say throughout!
Toothless is adorable though, and it might be worth watching this strange kids film just for his cuteness.
If you have seen the first film you will be severely disappointed. If you haven't seen the first film then you will really not like this film. 

The Good: There are adorable DRAGONS in this film.
The Bad: Physically hurt to watch the last 25 mins. Not exaggerating. 

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