30 July 2014


It's like Christmas came early and then decided to punch you in the face.
Confused by the metaphor? This movie explains it.

Tammy is a young woman who has one extremely bad day and things snowball from there. She decides to call it a day, pack up and run away. To nowhere specific, mind you. And in an odd twist of fate she is accompanied with the her grandmother, the goddess at whose altar I worship at, Susan Sarandon.
And that is where all the good I can say about this movie ends.
Lets rip the band-aid, first off, this movie lies to you from the start. It is not a comedy. I am person who can laugh at the stupidest of things, for hours as well. But did I laugh at any point in this movie? Did I even chuckle? No, I did no such thing.
I did, however, giggle a few times. Does that help?
There story is there, the acting is not. Melissa McCarthy looked tired for most of the film, which in some instances worked thanks to her role, but mostly it didn't.
And when did Susan get so old?
It alarmed me so.
The Mr. McCarthy didn't work as well, and the brief moment Allison Janney was on screen, she did not much.
I was heart broken to find the source of joy such as Melissa, was unfunny. The film as a whole was a disappointment, it wasn't just her.
The dialogue was ordinary at best, and mumbled quite a bit.
I didn't get the ending, partly because I skipped it through. My patience was wearing thin.

This film is truly terrible and I can certainly say, do not bother watching it.

The Good: Susan Sarandon in a movie.
The Bad: Susan Sarandon in a bad movie. 

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