31 July 2014

The Normal Heart

This is my 90th post and my hands bear keyboard burns. The 90th deserves a good film, and boy, is it a good one.

A film based on the HIV epidemic in the early 80's when the world was convinced that it was 'gay cancer', it is a film that challenges the premonitions that people 
A made-for-tv film, it deserves to be shown in theaters the world over. We see Ned, Mark Ruffalo, a gay writer who see's his friends and acquaintances slowly melt away as the disease spreads amongst them. He meets a wheelchair bound Julia Roberts a doctor who is convinced that this disease needs to be looked into so that we can cure the world of it.
She convinces Ned of this, and they together ask the local gay community of New York to stop fornicating so as to stem the flow of the disease. 
Which of course, they immediately laugh at. But Ned gets a few recruits, and they band together to get enough public funding to look into the spread of this disease. They keep fighting despite losing more and more members to the dreaded disease. 
This movie is a heartfelt one with so many emotions packed into it that you will be a wreck by the end of it. My respect for Mark Ruffalo keeps growing exponentially, with his acting being astoundingly great. Jim Parsons in a surprise move has proven he can do more than just be a stoic and neurotic robot of a man on screen and Taylor Kitsch is brilliant entry to my cinematic world. Julia Roberts was a bit unlikable, but it added to her character and worked well with the film.
This movie added to my growing suspicion that I can only survive if the film has a happy ending. Matt Bomer is an absolute gem in this film making it almost unbearable to watch him by the end. Which for a man as beautiful as him, is very difficult. 
The plot starts strongly and stay strong. It dipped a little in the middle, but it was nothing I couldn't deal with. The amazing cinematography adds to the wonder that is this film. My respect for Ryan Murphy has finally been revived after the demise of Glee. 

The Good: Julia Robert says the F word. A couple of times. 
The Bad: Matt Bomer cries. I cannot deal. 

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