10 August 2014

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Bollywood has subsisted for a long time siphoning away ideas of movies from Hollywood and even the rest of the world.
Bruce Almighty becomes God Tussi Great Ho
Hitch becomes Partner
A Few Good Men becomes Shaurya
While they signified the end of originality in Bollywood, there was still a market for it. But is there a market for new bollywood movies that are based on not-that-old bollywood movies?

This poor excuse for a film really hurts to watch for anyone who was alive and kicking during the 90's. Based on everybody's One True Love, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, or DDLJ, as the new gen prefers to call it, Humpty Sharma is the unfunny version of the film. 
Humpty is your regular vagabond who has the silliest name in recorded history, he and his buddies go around in Delhi doing vagabonding-things. But wait! The vagabonding must come to a halt because Humpty has laid eyes on Baby Face Bhatt, and has decided in true Bollywood fashion that he is love with her and will do just about anything for her. Oh, no! There exists a throne in the young vagabonds path to true love, an NRI who has his eyes set on Baby Face too. This and the fact that Baby Face has already friend-zoned him.
HOWEVER will vagabond get his happily ever after now?
I'm sorry, did I forget to point out that all this malarkey begins with Baby Face wanting some fancy-pants dress for her wedding? Bear that in mind, this dress gets used as a metaphor for love later in the movie.
The truly terrible acting from Muscles For Brains Dhawan, this movie shouldn't be on anyone's list of must-watchs. With no iconic dialogues with which Raj won over our hearts, way back when, even the script is sad.
The direction strangely, is one that I enjoyed. The scenes seemed to fit well together and the background and sometimes even the foreground music was enjoyable. As much as it burns me to admit, Baby Face is truly coming into her own with acting, sometimes even surprising me. Maybe she might actually outlast her incredibly bad co-star. I am of course, not counting any of her appearances on Koffee with Karan in my judgement of her. As long as she doesn't get trapped under the thumb of the Fabulous KJo and actually diversifies, I see no reason why she wouldn't do well.
So please, ignore what the news tells you about this being yet another hit thanks to KJo, just stay home and don't watch this movie. 

The Good: Solid proof that KJo has lost his touch
The Bad: Muscles for Brains is successful in the 'industry' while I am stuck inside on a saturday.
The Epiphany: It makes sense that Karan wanted to make a movie sorta-kinda like DDLJ, after all his teeny cameo in that film is talked about even now, and was his first 'role'. He would have a soft spot for it. But unlike any other normal person, who would hold the memory close, he decided to exploit it. For shame, Karan. For shame! 

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