8 August 2014

Married at First Sight

So. This is, um. A show.

It is exactly what the name suggests. A tv show based on the "social experiment" premise that 6 people will meet each other at the altar for the first time. Then we live together as man and wife for the next 5 weeks and then they will be asked at the end of these 5 weeks if they want to continue as a married couple. 
I have a few qualms with this show. First of which emerged fairly soon. As an Asian, I didn't understand why this was considered strange. My grandmother didn't meet my grandfather until they got married, which is a practise that still happens. So this 'social experiment' doesn't feel alien to me.
Next qualm is, where in the world is the Westboro Baptist Church protests for this tv show?
Gay people aren't ruining the sanctity of marriage, it is shows like this which ask people to get married for 5 weeks, ie. less time than Kim Kardashian was famously married to Kris Humphries. 
Having said that, I have seen all the episodes, and will probably watch the rest of the series because it is engaging in a way that I am unable to describe. 
At the point where is the show is right now, it is actually getting into the meat of the series, so it's a good time to watch it if you must. 

The Good: Rare insight into the panic filled mindset of a newlywed.
The Bad: Ruining weddings for me. 

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