8 August 2014

The Inbetweeners 2

And the mother of almost all the comedy for youths in the UK has come out with a sequel.

After the astounding success of the tv show and the first film, the four boys, now men have come back with a bang and a blast.
Following 6 months on from where we left off, the guys are moving on with their lives. Will and Simon in uni, Neil doing god-only-knows-what and Jay doing the gap-yahr in Australia. Which he describes as amazing, so the other three guys trek their way down under where they find out that the description doesn't match the reality. 
Will meets a elementary school friend, who is a mouth-kissing, gap yahr girl. Who I also spent most of movie wanting to smack like a cat. 
She and the rest of her wannabe earth-loving friends join the awesome foursome in their australian journey, which we later find out that Jay only came on to get back his chubby-but-damn-I-wish-I-looked-like-her ex-girlfriend.
It is a continuing journey on the guys trying to find themselves and who they are. It is a hilarious movie, that adds to the wonderful series of cinematic experiences that these men have brought to us.
The movie starts out strong, sort of plateaus in the middle, making you forget that you are watching a movie and are back to a tv show, has a really weird-albeit-funny and sentimental bit, but goes back to what we love and expect.
The movie is well made, with well timed humor. Direction certainly has come a long way, which spoke volumes within the first few minutes. Acting remained of the same standard, they just looked quite a bit older than they should have been. I absolutely-tutely loved the editing in the super emotional scene.
Some bits of the movie were a bit too graphic for me, sometimes even making me want to shut my eyes, so be warned of that.
Was I blown away, and overwhelmed by this movie? No.
Will I probably watch this movie again in the next 5 years? Yep.

The Good: I was in dire need of a few laughs.
The Bad: It really was a bit too graphic. Like genuinely. I wish I could unsee somethings.  

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