8 August 2014

Virgin Territory

MTV is at it again. And since 16 and pregnant had run through its money mill, let's go to the other extreme.

It is a show that follows the lives of 4 virgins as they make their way into the sex fueled world today.
Two super Christians and two who just haven't found "The One" yet. 

Issues with this:
  • Who is watching this show?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How we do know they not be bangin' when the cameras are off?
  • Why does one of the girls chose to talk like that? It makes smacking her irresistible.
  • Are they getting paid to essentially lose their virginity on television?
This show isn't well made nor is it interesting. I am about two episodes in, and I already want to claw my eyes out.
Can we start a Kickstarter Program or something like that to make sure that this show stops now?

The Good: Even though I am glass-completely-full-girl, I see no good in this.
The Bad: It is a reality show about virgins. What a depraved society do we exist in now.

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