30 September 2014

1 Year Young!

I know I have been quiet for a while, but never fear I am back!
And with a valid excuse for being away. I was, wait for it, in New Zealand! (Also, Australia but that's not important right now)
I know, right?
How amazing! As a die hard fan of LOTR, and everything that comes along with it, being in New Zealand was a dream come true. As I journeyed through the mountains and the valleys of the land way down under, I could feel myself becoming a part of the movie.
Which was insanely awesome.
I also toured many places where the films were shot, including the famous Hobbiton.

As you can tell, I was incredibly overwhelmed and even at times was speechless.
Yep, yours truly was speechless, how in the world was this happening?

Nevertheless, I spent a few days walking around like a Hobbit. And now I am completely refreshed and ready to watch several more movies and television shows and review them for you!
All this talk about reviewing and I almost forgot to let you know that you have been wonderful followers and readers for a year now.
However has time gone by so quickly?
But thank you so much for sticking with me, and give me another chance to say thanks at the next aniversary.
Does that sound ok?
Good, its not like you have any options, anyway. My wonderful words would draw you back in.

Lovely feelings,
Zarah :)

The actual house at Bag's End (How cool!)