4 November 2014

Jane the Virgin

I grew up in India and was exposed to tons of bad soap operas and hence, grew rather suspicious of them. But here comes Jane swooping in, removing all my worries.

Following the life and times of Jane a young waitress who has 'saved' herself for marriage after her extremely religious grandmother scared her when she was young. As a complete opposite of her mother, Jane walks into a regular ob-gyn appointment and instead gets artificially inseminated with a strange man's love juice!
The story is an adapted version of a spanish soap, and even though I am 3 episodes into the english version I am hooked. So hooked in fact, that I attempted to watch the end of the spanish version just to find out what happens. 
I have a strange affliction where I am immediately attracted to dense storylines with overlapping character timelines. Perfect examples of these would be She's The Man and Once Upon a Time. 
And add on the fact that it is hilariously made with a great narrator. And made in the vein of a generic spanish telenovella, almost in the sense of making fun of it, adds the cherry on top of the funny cake that it is. 
The acting is almost great, with tango music playing in the background which again I am sucker for. It sure seems like most of the things that I just so happen to love have come together to create a tv show exclusively for me.
But can other people please watch the show so I have someone to bond with?

The Good: The actress has an odd looking face but yet, she is starring in the show. Meaning that there is still hope for me.
The Bad: The Other Man in the story line doesn't seem to have the special zing that is required to be The Other Man. 

2 November 2014

The Maze Runner

I read the first book of this dystopian trilogy a while ago, and was mildly impressed with it. Not enough to continue to reading the series, but enough to not hate it.

When I heard about the movie, I was really interested. Visually speaking there was a lot that could be engaging and dramatic. Then I heard that Dylan O'Brien was acting in the movie and I was even more interested. He has more than proven to be a great actor with his experience with Teen Wolf.
So armed with all of this, I walked into the cinema and boy, was it not worth it!
The Maze Runner follows the life of Thomas who has woken up in a metal cage and has no memories of his life other than his name. He is surrounded by other boys of varying ages who explain to him that he has woken up in a field called The Glade, where the boys had made their own way of life. And every month The Cage sends up more people and some resources. Thomas looks around to find tall concrete walls around The Glade, which is the glue that holds us all together The Maze. Thomas is incredibly intrigued by The Maze, and goes into it to help a runner, and together they manage to be the only two people to survive a night in The Maze. All of this takes about an hour and a half's worth of screen time's talking to get to.
What follows on is a fast paced action movie sequence, that is all shot in darkness. While the story is strong, Dylan has a lacklustre performance which does not bode well.
And like I mentioned before, the movie moves at a snail's pace to begin with and suddenly picks up and boom! Roll credits.
I liked the cinematography in the film, other than the ones in low light. You lose a lot of the action in the shots like those.
There is a grander mystery that exists, which ties together the future movies, but with this one it just felt incomplete, and somehow, it just ended.
With subpar acting and a strong lack of a good background score, this is a movie that you can give a miss.

The Good: It is actually a good adaptation of the book, which is a rare occurrence.
The Bad: I need some closure