31 August 2015


Look honey, they made yet another show where they use being gay as a joke. Har-di-har-har.

The show is about a rather irresponsible guy, Buddy Dobbs (a fake name, if I ever heard one) who falls into some debt and gets severely threatened by the typical goons you saw in 80's movies. He then tries to run away from his problems (mature decision) and begs his girlfriend to run away with him. In a shocking turn of events, she refuses to leave her job, her home and her life behind to run away with a guy who has clearly shown that he is incapable of living a level-headed life.
He attempts to drink his body weight and throw himself off a bridge when a do-gooder shows up and tries to stop him. The do-gooder then spouts some pious sermon about the opportunities that God presents and falls off the bridge himself.
Meanwhile, instead of acting like any normal human being and either freaking out or you know, calling the police or something like that, Buddy proceeds to steal the accidental-jumper's car and in the process ends up stealing his life.
His justification behind this? "...the opportunities that God presents..."
To be fair, it makes sense that Buddy stole the accidental-jumper's life, since, ..... oh, who am I kidding? In no world does that make sense.
Turns out that Karma has another card up her sleeve, and the life that Buddy has now adopted is of a pastor in a teeny tiny town who also is gay.
Now, I have not spent a large amount of time reading the bible or anything like that, nor have I actually ingested those wonderful lessons where God promises to punish us for laying with the same gender.
So, um, how is there an openly gay pastor?
I do realise that Lutheran Pastors have more privileges than say, Catholic ones, though my information stems solely from "Raising Helen"

So, I could be alarmingly wrong. 
The show is not funny. And we all know just how easy it is to make me laugh. I sat through two full episodes before there was even a slight giggle that emerged from me. There are some places where it does border the line of funny, but it never really hits the point all the way there. 
If you do watch it, you have to make sure to switch off your moral compass, though.
The future of the show seems rather bleak at this point to me. There are clever characters, and while the storyline is still absurdly offensive, it does have the potential to make for some good television. 

The Good: I do believe that somebody in the production office must have had a typo issue with the word Imposter, and things just snowballed from there. Giving birth to both the pun and the show.
The Bad: If I can't laugh at it, then who will?

29 August 2015

#ScoreSaturday: Modern Family

Now I have spent a rather large portion of time on this blog, blathering about my love and appreciation for background music, ie. score. You can read that here: http://bit.ly/1JAX4gC
And I spend a lot of time online searching for some of the songs that I hear in movies in TV shows.
And so, welcome to the first edition of #ScoreSaturday where I share my finds with the world.

Everyone remembers, Mitch and Cam, the gay couple in the mockumentary "Modern Family".

They are charming, they are hilarious, 

And I'm not going to lie, but their How-we-met story is far too cute.

In what is probably one of the best constructed, both emotionally and production-ally (is that a word?) season finale's of all time, we saw them get married. 

And everytime I watch it, I tear up just a little bit. Oh, who am I kidding? We all know I bawl like a baby.

Now, one of the main reasons that this particular wedding gives me the 'feels' is thanks to the score!
Vitamin String Quartet, a group of classical instrumentalists do incredible covers of popular songs. Quite a few of which are available on YouTube. One of my personal favourites is their cover of 'I bet my Life' by Imagine Dragons. Mostly because it has a stunning cello arrangement. I don't know why, but I am a sucker for cello and cellists. And don't even get me started on double-bass. 


Another one that I do adore of theirs is, 'Summertime Sadness' by Lana Del Rey.

But their best one is undoubtedly, the one that they used for Mitch and Cam's wedding. 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.



28 August 2015

The Man from U.N.C.L.E

For about a solid month, every time I walked to work, I had to pass an unbelievably massive poster of Henry Cavill looking at me, all beautimous like, from where he stood in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

So, when the time came to actually watch the movie, I had medium to high expectations.
Now where was this advice when I was actually going to watch the film?

Based on a TV show that ran for about 4 years, way back in the 60's The Man from U.N.C.L.E is a great example of how you can take the world's most stunning actors and make what is probably the dullest and most uninteresting action movie of all time.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E, is set in the middle of the Cold War and all about super secret spies and how they save the world all while being super suave and sexy.
Sound familiar? Oh, yeah, that's right. Isn't that the plot point of just about EVERY James Bond film ever?
Now to fully understand why the film was made the way it is, tediously, I actually watched a few episodes of the 1964 TV show. Now I understand why the show would have done well in the 60's, but what sense does it make to adapt it to a film in 2015? I suppose that in the heyday of the Cold War it would have been a hit, but today when most of the younger generation think that the Cold War has its name thanks to the weather, the film is really going to do well.
The story is mildly complicated and is made especially difficult to follow thanks to Cavill insisting on mumbling through what I believe would be some rather important information.
Henry, my boy, you have stunning eyes. Let's just stick to endorsing that, shall we?

We are also joined by Armie Hammer. Remember him? Now, I don't know about you but I would like to cut me a slice of that man pie.

And if someone could one day steal the essence of his voice, and bottle it up for me, I would but the entire stock in a day. Is it wrong of me to think such thing about a man whose daughter is turning one soon?
I mean, we can all admit that the only reason we watch Social Network is because there are two of him in there. 

Hugh Jackman has a teeny tiny cameo in the film as well, but he might as well have just stayed in the gym, you know. Why bother taking part in a tiresome (I am running out of synonyms for dull) movie where I am not even entirely sure what happens in the end?
There is a woman in teh movie too, who is central to the story I believe and Cavill spends a large amount of time either leering at her or ignoring her. Which is just the romantic notion that all girls just love.
It was a boring movie, and if wasn't for the pretty men, I would have walked out a lot sooner.

As I type this, i also realise that it is pretty much the same sentiment that I had while watching Superman. Anyone notice the matching element?

The Good: 
You sure did, my man. You sure did. 
Please excuse me while I go wipe my drool off

The Bad: Good god, they just kept mumbling something about nuclear things and Russia and scientists. Enunciate!

27 August 2015

First Ever Giveaway!

After about two years (not including the minor exile period) of writing this blog, I am taking this chance to thank absolutely everyone for hitting that button and reading my words.
Also, thank you all so much for liking the blog's FB page, and thus increasing my self-esteem ten-fold.
But only saying, or in my case typing, thanks isn't enough.
Soooooooo, **drumroll** I am hosting my very first giveaway.

What am I giving away?
A gift card for two tickets to the cinema, of course!
Use it wisely.

Here is how you can enter:

  1. Make sure to hit 'Like' on the the FB page: http://on.fb.me/1JjuCRi
  2. Share the link to the blog on your FB timeline: http://bit.ly/1JykMP3 with the hashtag #FlamboyantPress
  3. Comment on this blog post, with the name of a movie or a TV show that you would like for me to review. 
  4. THIS IS NOT A NECESSARY STEP: Optional entries, feel free to tweet me, @TheZarahKhan using the hashtag #FlamboyantPress and post a picture of the poster of the movie or TV show you would like to see a review of. 
  5. THIS IS NOT A NECESSARY STEP: Optional entries, post a picture of the poster of the movie or TV show you would like to see a review of on Instagram with the hashtag #FlamboyantPress and tag me @bluebyblu in the photo. 
  6. You can enter as many times as you want. No limit!
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Unfortunately, this giveaway is ONLY for residents in the UK and in India. Please do not enter if you reside anywhere else in the world.
    I will definitely be hosting some international giveaways in the future. 
  2. The giveaway is open till midnight on Friday, the 4th of September, 2015.
  3. I will be choosing the winner RANDOMLY and will post the name of the winner's name on the FB page on Monday, the 7th of September, 2015. There will be only ONE winner chosen. 
  4. This is not a sponsored giveaway. And is completely free for you to enter!
  5. To enter you must be at 18 years old, or have your parent's permission to enter. 
  6. There will be no cash substitute for the gift card.
  7. The gift card for UK will be for Vue Cinemas and the gift card for India will be for PVR Cinemas. 

26 August 2015

The Deal With: Ross and Joey

After having spent the last four and a half days dedicate to watching Friends almost non-stop, I have come to several conclusions.

  1. I honestly do not understand how Joey is the one popular with the ladies. Chandler is where it's at, my man. 
  2. And, they most certainly live in the whitest neighbourhood, ever. Even the extras in the background are white.  
Now, I understand that it was the 90's and not everyone was running around screaming "MUST BE DIVERSE" and Friends certainly is funny enough that no one would care that they have no actual friends of color. 
They have brought in the occasional foreigner, though. To offset this imbalance, I believe.
No one can forget the weenie from Torrini, Paolo. 

And Julio, Monica's wonderful poet who didn't know it.

No, not Julio the cat/Phoebe's mother! Julio, the busboy from the diner.

Yeah, the one with the 'Vase'. And of course, there was always Julie. 

Though, she shouldn't count, for despite how many ever chickens poop in her lap, she really is from New York. Shame on you Rachel, for assuming otherwise!

But in the later seasons, we see that there are some people of color slowly trickling onto the screen in Friends. 
Like, Ross's Divorce lawyer, 

And one of the women Phoebe uses to convince Ross that he is still dateable, 

And the woman Ross meets on the street and asks out, 

And then Joey meets the same woman and they fight for her in the most hilarious way possible.

Anyone notice a pattern here yet? No? Wait, there is one more. 

Of course when you think about it the one name that always jumps out at you is Charlie, the professor who was making her way across the group. First with Joey and then with Ross. 

Come on, now at least you must have noticed the pattern?!
The only people in Friends who have any interest in further diversifying their narrow group are Joey and Ross!

So for all of you out there who never really understood how they were ever friends, here is your answer: They share a love for diversity and occasionally, for the same woman (Kristen, Charlie and Rachel). 
And who can forget just how good their naps are. 

Paper Towns

Now this must be the first time that I watched the movie adaptation of a book, without never having read the book in the first place.
Don't get me wrong, John Green is a wonderful author, he just isn't my cup of tea. Despite the fact that we share a deep level of adoration for military poets, ie. Whitman and Tennyson.
Paper Towns in intent on convincing you that Margo is a truly special girl and in that speciality of her's you will inherently love her. However, they show absolutely nothing about her to corroborate that fact.

Paper Towns introduces Quentin, a shy and dorky guy who has been in love with the girl across the street, Margo for as long as he has
known her. Also, who in today's world is called Quentin?
The story is rather typical in the sense that the quiet, unassuming guy in madly in love with the cool girl who is busy living her life all while he pines after her.
They initially start out as friends, but eventually drift off into their own separate worlds. But Quentin still harbors deep feelings for her, which coincidentally also bring out the stalkerish tendencies in him, since he spends a rather long amount of time staring into her bedroom window.
Kindly excuse me while I go draw my curtains and never open them again.
Margo, by the way, is cray-cray. Take it from an attention-seeking person, she is one as well. She ran away to work in the circus, which is an idea I would like to employ. She toured with a semi-popular band. She has run away from home so many times that her parents aren't really concerned about it anymore.
In the last few weeks of high school, Margo and Quentin have a minor reconciliation, and he tags along with her as she prowls through the houses of her ex-boyfriend and 2 best friends insisting on revenge since they were busy screwing around behind her back.
While that is truly a heinous crime, is putting a dead catfish as a sign of betrayal the best thing to do?
But the next day Margo disappears, leaving behind some vague clues for Quentin to find her. Which he and his rag-tag group of friends do with haste. Only to find out that she never intended for him to find her!
Say what?
Margo is convinced that she is a shallow person (which she is) and she wants to start over. In a snit, Quentin decides to tell her that he loves her. While that is all very cute, it is followed by a rather long and unnecessarily pompous way of Margo convincing Quentin that she is in fact not all that special.
He is convinced, they say goodbye and that is the end of the movie.

I think somewhere in the back of his mind Jake Schreier thought he was making a poignant coming of age story which was bound to make people feel something. And while you can truly appreciate his effort along with the sincere acting of both Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, the movie lacks heart. 
It is so incredibly lackluster in emotional depth it is slightly astounding. I was prepared for it to be a sob-fest, just from the prior experience of having read John Green's books. But it left me feeling unimpassioned at best. 
Like I said, the acting was a commendable effort and some very quotable dialogues, but those were definitely from Green rather than anything original form the film makers. That is the extent of the compliments of can give the film. 

The Good: Hey, look everybody, it's Cara Delevingne! You don't really get to see her enough.
The Bad: It just ended. Just like that. He wasn't in love with her anymore, and was like, "Next, please"
The Moral: Don't spend your life loving someone you don't really know from afar? Or don't go building them up to be something that they aren't?
Either ways, it makes me feel guilty from loving Chris Evans the way I do. 

All Is Well

After a beautiful 8 month long hiatus from Bollywood, I decided to take some cautious steps back into the overtly melodramatic world of Bollywood with All Is Well.
I really should have been more cautious.

All Is Well follows the story of a dude called Inder who currently living the dream in Pattaya singing and performing in random clubs. One of which is ironically named 'Hollywood'.
My uncle has always said that Bollywood movies which start with a song are doomed. All Is Well is no exception to the role. And btw, what is up with the whole naming Hindi movies based on popular songs, now?
Inder was raised by a hard working man who attempts to live out his dream of owning a bakery. Speaking strictly as a fatty whose thighs are pure sugar at this point, that truly is the ultimate dream. Inder's mother and father have constantly been at loggerheads, due to money issues. And this familial animosity, spreads to Inder as well, who now resents his father for expecting Inder to work in the family bakery business.
Inder's father in turn, resents him for abandoning said family business and trying to make it as a musician. As a man who himself has a dream that he has been working towards, one would think that Rishi Kapoor would be more receptive to his son's request.
This mutual resentment keeps rising and eventually Inder stops going home to India. Which would have been fine, except Rishi Kapoor gets 'slightly' kidnapped by a loan shark intent on getting money back from Rishi.
Meanwhile Inder's mother has concocted some Bollywood blended version of alzheimer's and dementia, and lives in a home. When Inder goes to visit her, he is majorly guilt tripped by the nurse for not recognising the symptoms and leaving to live his dream in a different country. This by the way has been preceded by SEVERAL jabs by pretty much EVERYBODY at his NRI status. I mean, how dare he take an opportunity to do what his heart desires? Bad little brown boy!
Oh, and in the background of all of this is Asin. Remember her? I sure didn't.
She is Inder's ex-girlfriend who is getting married to some dorky guy who lives in Australia in a weeks time.
We only know that she is Inder's ex, because it is very slightly hinted at. And we only know that the future Mr. Asin is dorky because there is a background noise 'twoing' that makes me assume that.
As in, "Ek hafte mein meri shaadi hai, iske saath" "twoing!"
Other than that he seems like a perfectly normal guy, quite like Inder himself.
Asin says only two things throughout the movie, ie. I am getting married, so kindly don't try to steal me away AND I will always love you. She seems to oscillate quite actively between seducing him and playing EXTREMELY hard to get.
It just seems like the director intended to fit 4 separate plotlines into one movie. Why do one thing well when you can screw 4 things up at the same time, right?
There is absolutely no need for you to ever watch this movie. It is decidedly terrible and really, Abhishek Bachchan, why are you still insisting on acting? Just live off your parents and wife's money.
Brad Pitt is certainly having a ball of a time doing just that.
Though I should say, AB is doing a much better job than Brad Pitt at aging well. At least he has some of the dad's genes.
I got unbelievably bored with 40 mins of the movie and I have sat through and watched a documentary about how they make vulcanized rubber.
Please do yourself a favour and don't go wasting money on this dismal performance.

The Good: There is literally nothing of merit in the movie.
The Bad: At least, Indian's are recognizing dementia/alzheimer's as a legitimate and serious disease. Then immediately turning around and using that to a comic effect. For shame.
Also can I just point out that the IMDB summary for this film is, "A road trip, undertaken by Inder (Abhishek Bachchan) and Mr. Bhalla (Rishi Kapoor), is interrupted by their unwelcome mother."
Why is she unwelcome? Could it be because she is MENTALLY INCAPABLE of understanding things, you absolute fool?

25 August 2015

The Deal with: America's Next Top Model

I have never made it a secret that I watch ANTM. Actually, watch is a tame word for what I do, I actually voraciously devour it. I have seen each and every season several times over and would probably do it again in a heartbeat. And would you look at that, a new cycle has just started!

Though, I don't watch it in a "Look at this well-founded modelling competition" way. I watch more like, "Look at these ridiculous people participating in what they think is a well-founded modelling competition".
It is also no secret that my life has steadily been spiraling downward, and watching the buffoons attempt to be not "too pretty for modelling" really makes my life seem far better in comparison.
And isn't that the purpose of reality television?
Though a part of is not fully convinced that the show is truly 'reality'. For one, no one comes up with lines like this impromptu:

For 19 consecutive cycles we watch Tyra Banks teach simple minded young girls who never really grew into their clothes how to be a successful model.
You know what they say, those who can't do, teach? Yeah, well, they should have Tyra's face next to that saying.
Don't get me wrong, I think that the woman is beautiful and clearly she must have done something right if she is busy rolling around in THAT much money. But the sort of advice the woman gives grates my nerves like crazy.
Thanks Ty-ty!

Cycle 20 onwards Tyra has introduced men into her foray and we must now sit and watch pretty but dumb boys walk around next to girls and somehow portray a delicate balance of effeminate and masculine all at once. You know, the one where you look like 'the boys should want to be you and so should the girls.'

But this last episode Tyra insured that my head would explode. She has always made things extra hard for the contestants, like asking them to walk on stilts, all while wearing those extremely fashionable paint splattered tarp.

Or maybe when she asked them to pose on stilts, all while wearing, that. Yes, that. 

What's up with the whole stilt's business, Tyra?
She has also tried time and again to put men in situation where they would seem completely at home, like asked them to model Nail Art,

Or give them long hair and asked them 'Whip it',
Please excuse me while I spend the rest of my life laughing at this.

And then she has the gall to say this time, that the only reason she has introduced men into her 'Legitimate modelling competition' is to change the hard standards that the industry has on men. 

So, let me just pause here to ask guys, are you having a hard time not being objectified by the media? Is it exceptionally difficult for you to be judged on your character and your personality rather than the size of your breasts? Or you know, when you get paid that slight bit more than women for the exact same job? 
It does truly sound like a painful experience. 
Of course, men don't have it exactly easy. Especially since there are photographs like these in magazines. 

I mean, huba-huba. Am I right?
Stop distracting me with your beauty, Ben!

But in a world where for the past 70 odd years women have been placed under the spotlight and asked to do two things, look pretty and give babies, you do not turn the spotlight on men and claim it to stem from you wanting to make things 'easier' for the poor things. 

Can Tyra just go back to the place where all she did was talk about her big forehead and attempt to find someone to replace her?

Kevin From Work

Kevin From Work should come with a warning: It is far too cute for emotionally damaged people like me to watch alone.

Say hello to Kevin, a bumbling awkward and sweet guy who has a terrible job that he hates, but his cubicle neighbour makes it all better since he has been in love with her for like, ever.
Audrey, the neighbour already has a ju-jitsu fighting boyfriend and she is very happy with, thank you very much.
Kevin gets a job offer to work in Italy and on the night of his farewell party he gets cray-cray drunk and decided to drunk call Audrey and tell her the truth.
But technology hates him as much as it hates me, and his battery dies. But since Kevin was born in what I assuming was the 80's, he is well aware of something called snail mail. He pens down his letter, which later is revealed to be rather well written for someone THAT drunk, and mails it.
But lo and behold, his job in Italy falls through and he has to continue with his life in Good Ole America.
Which would have been fine except for the fact that he sent one his closest friends a letter telling her how much he loves her.
The series follows the aftermath of his horrific 24 hours and quite honestly, it is really hilarious!
There are a wide number of secondary characters, including Kevin's sister Roxie who is everything that is wrong with my generation, a legitimately crazy, chubby Indian girl with whom I strongly relate to (I wonder why) and Kevin's best friend who I need to be my best friend.
KFW is funny, cute, charming and an overall good watch. The storyline doesn't seem rather long term to me, just because i certainly feel as though either Kevin and Audrey will end up having a 'happily ever after' moment or they will need to stop being friends. And then, I guess, the show ends?

Something to ponder about.
The show uses clever ways of depicting things, and uses today's vernacular quite seamlessly. What does that mean you ask? Well, let's just say that it understands what SnapChat is.
The only problem that I have with the show is that it sometimes talks down to the audience, which is really unnecessary. We can understand the plot of the show without you breaking it down for us.
Other than that, it has some really clever and witty exchanges between the characters and honestly, it just seems like a nice light show to watch.

The Good: There is a chubby Indian actress other than Mindy Kaling? Make way for the next one, people.
The Bad: The boss in the show seems to have a rather peculiar addiction, one that makes a lot of sense when you watch the GIF above. It however, makes me rather uncomfortable. But so far, she hasn't been of much consequence so we can ignore her.  

Significant Mother

The premise alone is shudder-inducing. What sort of person watches this show? Oh, right. That would be me.

We meet Nate, a cutesy restaurateur who lives with his best-friends-since-they-were-like-4 Jimmy. They are polar opposites in every way. Nate is a hard worker, Jimmy brews beer in his closet. Nate in living life quietly in love with a girl who works with him and Jimmy sleeps with everything that moves. Including Nate's recently separated mother.
Now, see here. I am all for feminism and I do honestly think women should be allowed to whatever they want their bodies. However I am sorry, but if you are sleeping with someone who can say, "You practically raised me." then it is just super icky.
And you Jimmy, should be ashamed of yourself! Sleeping with a woman who has been like a mother to you. And not only that, she is emotionally vulnerable as well. There should be some laws which states that you cannot sleep with with your best friends parents.
When I initially read the summary 'Significant Mother' I was convinced that it was an accident. Because while I have not looked into this personally, I am almost positive the whole sleeping with the best friend's mother thing is almost definitely the plotline of several porn stories.  
Anywho, the show itself is fairly funny-ish. There are some clever dialogues hidden away behind the mild incest, and several of the characters who have been introduced are quite unique and well-formed.
I say well-formed as though they are made of clay or something odd like that.

I have seen about 4-5 episodes of this show, but I fear watching anymore will induce me throwing up in my mouth.
It's also rather hard to pay attention to things while The Mum insists on speaking in this breathy nasal voice and Jimmy keeps showing off his rather impressive six pack.
Dear me, have I reached that point in my life that all my attention is diverted by pretty boys?
Actually, who am I kidding? I was always at that point.

The Good: Witty lines that you will remember the next day and giggle to yourself.
The Bad: The very slightly taboo relationship is just not okay.

24 August 2015


Now I am a girl who loves her violence. Not as a participant, more like a 3rd party observer. The only way I would be remotely helpful in a fight is I flick some of my sweat into my opponent's eyes.

Southpaw certainly filled my occasional craving for watching bloodshed. Along with making sure that I became dehydrated thanks to the amount of tears I shed while watching this movie.
Two of my closest friends are both currently in training for fights in the IBF (International Boxing Federation) and at no point while watching the movie was I worried that their lives might turn out like it and thus ended up like:

I do adore Jake Gyllenhaal. Despite the whole Prince of Persia debacle. And clearly I am not the only one who thinks so: http://bzfd.it/1PHt6g5
And even if you forget about his body of perfection and throw on some stupid hair on top of his beautiful face, the effect is still wonderful.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a boxer with mildly restrained anger issues, which makes him a great boxer and a not-so-great family man. Though he did majorly luck out and get a hottie for a wife. They have a rather volatile relationship, but it all stems from a place of love, so it's okay. 
They also have an adorable daughter, whose actual name is Oona. I thought you had to be a comic book character to have names like that. 
Gyllenhaal is moving on up in the world and everything is falling into place, and them BAM! Life hits him in the face. And you, in the heart. Because boy, it just breaks your heart to watch a grown beautiful man cry like that. 
He ends up losing custody of his daughter, and the rest of the movie is dedicated to his struggle to get his daughter back all while reclaiming his lost status as a boxing champion. 
Now while the story is beautiful and quite heart wrenchingly executed, absolutely nothing happens in the movie outside of what you see in the trailer. Which is unbelievably unfortunate, since it really is a good movie!

That just makes me sound like I am convincing you about a rather clich├ęd movie. 
One of things that was most alarming about this film was the similarity with 'Never Back Down'. Another great film, might I add. 
Let's break it down, shall we. 

White boy with anger issues, who also enjoys fighting faces problems in life. He then goes and joins a rather quaint/rundown gym where he meets a black man who unintentionally becomes his mentor and helps him get through his baggage. Eventually, the white boy becomes a better person and wins the final showdown fight and everybody rejoices. 
Replace Sean Faris with Jake Gyllenhaal and Djimon Hounsou with Forest Whitaker and you have a slightly updated and older men version of 'Never Back Down'.
I am ashamed to admit that the minute someone says Forest Whitaker, I think of this.

God, I miss Community.

I should mention however, that after a very long time came a film with a ridiculously good score. I am big sucker for well placed background music. TuneFind.com is on my most visited list, and the soundtrack from 'Captain America' is on my running playlist. 
And it is soon going to be joined by the soundtrack from 'Southpaw'. Dear me, does it give you chills. 
If nothing else then watch the movie just for the score. James Horner (the composer for this film), even from the grave you make me cry. By the way Horner is creative genius behind both the score Zorro films, Titanic and even Avatar. And let's just say, the Zorro films have probably the best score OF ALL TIME. *crying because of how much in love I was with Zorro as a young girl*

The Good: Jake Gyllenhaal spends most of the film shirtless. If that isn't a great incentive then I don't know what is 
The Bad: You could just watch the trailer over and over for about 90 mins, and you've pretty much saved yourself the cost of the ticket to the cinema.