22 August 2015

Another Period

I was raised in the 90's so I still am a part of the world that believes that Ben Stiller is funny. That of course, has been changing now that we are firmly entrenched in 2015, but a part of me still adores him.

Like all aging and outdated actors, Stiller has also started a production company called Red Hour. In a recent development they have started making a tv show called Another Period.
Now, I am ashamed to admit this, but I have seen at least two episodes of The Real Housewives. I am not sure what city that was in, since most of my focus was on constantly repeating, "What is happening?" while watching the deplorable fall of mankind, televised.
But Stiller and his crew have done the unexpected. They took the concept of filming rich, spoilt and entitled people, set it in the early 1900's and then proceeded to make fun of everything humanly possible.
I should point out, that it does not take a lot to get me to laugh and on occasion I have been called a 'Laugh-Slut". However, it does take a lot for me to think of something as witty.
And Another Period is a perfect example for that!
They have joked about everything from the Suffrage movement, child marriage and slave treatment. Now, before you go about wrinkling your nose in distaste in my direction and over my sense of humor, watch at least one episode.
While the shows themselves are 20 mins long, it took me nearly an hour to get through it, since I had to keep pausing to catch my breath. The show also features several famous characters from history, Helen Keller, Mark Twain and a rather hilarious Gandhi who thinks the idea of non-violence is laughable.
Overall the show follows the lives to the Belacourt family, from Newport and they along with their servants are very probably my new favourite people in the world.
10 episodes in and the first season has been declared over, which very nearly breaks my heart, but comedy central has planned a second season. And after Key and Peele have left the CC world, I think this is the least that the executives of Comedy Central can do.

The Good: "I have 8 non-sons." "I think they are called daughters now."
The Bad: I have been fortunate to not really have suffered through any addictions, other than my mild case of affection for sugar, but we aren't really talking about that, are we?
No, never been an addict, but after binging on Another Period, I am covered in junkie sweats, waiting for a new episode. 

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