22 August 2015

Guess who's back?

Thought you'd seen the last of me, had you?
Unfortunately, that wish of yours would have to remain dormant for a while longer.

I was on a self-inflicted sabbatical. I could use the ending of my university life as a cause, or I could make some rather plausible excuse about technology dying as soon as I came near it.
However, I am afflicted by this strange sense of needing to be honest with complete faceless strangers. This of course, does not mean that will tell you how much I weigh. That is for me and the pillow I cry into at night to know and no one else. 

I was stuck in a major case of the doll-drums. Which was further pushed into the foray of my mind everytime I turned on the TV and nothing good was on. 
I must say, the last 6 or so months have not been a very inspiring time for the film industry. 
That is not to say, that I wasn't watching anything (though that did happen for about a sad time which lasted about two whole months) but what I was watching, made sure that the words I was writing were reduced to a rather acrimonious state. And well, let's just say that no one wants to read those. 

SO, after much internal debate and many hours of procrastination, I have returned! Let the fanfare begin. 
Please feel free to show pity and your love, for I truly have missed those. 

And in other rather surprising news, since I have been gone my readership has doubled. Which I am trying very hard not to think of as a sign of you never having loved me in the first place.

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