31 August 2015


Look honey, they made yet another show where they use being gay as a joke. Har-di-har-har.

The show is about a rather irresponsible guy, Buddy Dobbs (a fake name, if I ever heard one) who falls into some debt and gets severely threatened by the typical goons you saw in 80's movies. He then tries to run away from his problems (mature decision) and begs his girlfriend to run away with him. In a shocking turn of events, she refuses to leave her job, her home and her life behind to run away with a guy who has clearly shown that he is incapable of living a level-headed life.
He attempts to drink his body weight and throw himself off a bridge when a do-gooder shows up and tries to stop him. The do-gooder then spouts some pious sermon about the opportunities that God presents and falls off the bridge himself.
Meanwhile, instead of acting like any normal human being and either freaking out or you know, calling the police or something like that, Buddy proceeds to steal the accidental-jumper's car and in the process ends up stealing his life.
His justification behind this? "...the opportunities that God presents..."
To be fair, it makes sense that Buddy stole the accidental-jumper's life, since, ..... oh, who am I kidding? In no world does that make sense.
Turns out that Karma has another card up her sleeve, and the life that Buddy has now adopted is of a pastor in a teeny tiny town who also is gay.
Now, I have not spent a large amount of time reading the bible or anything like that, nor have I actually ingested those wonderful lessons where God promises to punish us for laying with the same gender.
So, um, how is there an openly gay pastor?
I do realise that Lutheran Pastors have more privileges than say, Catholic ones, though my information stems solely from "Raising Helen"

So, I could be alarmingly wrong. 
The show is not funny. And we all know just how easy it is to make me laugh. I sat through two full episodes before there was even a slight giggle that emerged from me. There are some places where it does border the line of funny, but it never really hits the point all the way there. 
If you do watch it, you have to make sure to switch off your moral compass, though.
The future of the show seems rather bleak at this point to me. There are clever characters, and while the storyline is still absurdly offensive, it does have the potential to make for some good television. 

The Good: I do believe that somebody in the production office must have had a typo issue with the word Imposter, and things just snowballed from there. Giving birth to both the pun and the show.
The Bad: If I can't laugh at it, then who will?

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