25 August 2015

Kevin From Work

Kevin From Work should come with a warning: It is far too cute for emotionally damaged people like me to watch alone.

Say hello to Kevin, a bumbling awkward and sweet guy who has a terrible job that he hates, but his cubicle neighbour makes it all better since he has been in love with her for like, ever.
Audrey, the neighbour already has a ju-jitsu fighting boyfriend and she is very happy with, thank you very much.
Kevin gets a job offer to work in Italy and on the night of his farewell party he gets cray-cray drunk and decided to drunk call Audrey and tell her the truth.
But technology hates him as much as it hates me, and his battery dies. But since Kevin was born in what I assuming was the 80's, he is well aware of something called snail mail. He pens down his letter, which later is revealed to be rather well written for someone THAT drunk, and mails it.
But lo and behold, his job in Italy falls through and he has to continue with his life in Good Ole America.
Which would have been fine except for the fact that he sent one his closest friends a letter telling her how much he loves her.
The series follows the aftermath of his horrific 24 hours and quite honestly, it is really hilarious!
There are a wide number of secondary characters, including Kevin's sister Roxie who is everything that is wrong with my generation, a legitimately crazy, chubby Indian girl with whom I strongly relate to (I wonder why) and Kevin's best friend who I need to be my best friend.
KFW is funny, cute, charming and an overall good watch. The storyline doesn't seem rather long term to me, just because i certainly feel as though either Kevin and Audrey will end up having a 'happily ever after' moment or they will need to stop being friends. And then, I guess, the show ends?

Something to ponder about.
The show uses clever ways of depicting things, and uses today's vernacular quite seamlessly. What does that mean you ask? Well, let's just say that it understands what SnapChat is.
The only problem that I have with the show is that it sometimes talks down to the audience, which is really unnecessary. We can understand the plot of the show without you breaking it down for us.
Other than that, it has some really clever and witty exchanges between the characters and honestly, it just seems like a nice light show to watch.

The Good: There is a chubby Indian actress other than Mindy Kaling? Make way for the next one, people.
The Bad: The boss in the show seems to have a rather peculiar addiction, one that makes a lot of sense when you watch the GIF above. It however, makes me rather uncomfortable. But so far, she hasn't been of much consequence so we can ignore her.  

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