29 August 2015

#ScoreSaturday: Modern Family

Now I have spent a rather large portion of time on this blog, blathering about my love and appreciation for background music, ie. score. You can read that here: http://bit.ly/1JAX4gC
And I spend a lot of time online searching for some of the songs that I hear in movies in TV shows.
And so, welcome to the first edition of #ScoreSaturday where I share my finds with the world.

Everyone remembers, Mitch and Cam, the gay couple in the mockumentary "Modern Family".

They are charming, they are hilarious, 

And I'm not going to lie, but their How-we-met story is far too cute.

In what is probably one of the best constructed, both emotionally and production-ally (is that a word?) season finale's of all time, we saw them get married. 

And everytime I watch it, I tear up just a little bit. Oh, who am I kidding? We all know I bawl like a baby.

Now, one of the main reasons that this particular wedding gives me the 'feels' is thanks to the score!
Vitamin String Quartet, a group of classical instrumentalists do incredible covers of popular songs. Quite a few of which are available on YouTube. One of my personal favourites is their cover of 'I bet my Life' by Imagine Dragons. Mostly because it has a stunning cello arrangement. I don't know why, but I am a sucker for cello and cellists. And don't even get me started on double-bass. 


Another one that I do adore of theirs is, 'Summertime Sadness' by Lana Del Rey.

But their best one is undoubtedly, the one that they used for Mitch and Cam's wedding. 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.



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