25 August 2015

Significant Mother

The premise alone is shudder-inducing. What sort of person watches this show? Oh, right. That would be me.

We meet Nate, a cutesy restaurateur who lives with his best-friends-since-they-were-like-4 Jimmy. They are polar opposites in every way. Nate is a hard worker, Jimmy brews beer in his closet. Nate in living life quietly in love with a girl who works with him and Jimmy sleeps with everything that moves. Including Nate's recently separated mother.
Now, see here. I am all for feminism and I do honestly think women should be allowed to whatever they want their bodies. However I am sorry, but if you are sleeping with someone who can say, "You practically raised me." then it is just super icky.
And you Jimmy, should be ashamed of yourself! Sleeping with a woman who has been like a mother to you. And not only that, she is emotionally vulnerable as well. There should be some laws which states that you cannot sleep with with your best friends parents.
When I initially read the summary 'Significant Mother' I was convinced that it was an accident. Because while I have not looked into this personally, I am almost positive the whole sleeping with the best friend's mother thing is almost definitely the plotline of several porn stories.  
Anywho, the show itself is fairly funny-ish. There are some clever dialogues hidden away behind the mild incest, and several of the characters who have been introduced are quite unique and well-formed.
I say well-formed as though they are made of clay or something odd like that.

I have seen about 4-5 episodes of this show, but I fear watching anymore will induce me throwing up in my mouth.
It's also rather hard to pay attention to things while The Mum insists on speaking in this breathy nasal voice and Jimmy keeps showing off his rather impressive six pack.
Dear me, have I reached that point in my life that all my attention is diverted by pretty boys?
Actually, who am I kidding? I was always at that point.

The Good: Witty lines that you will remember the next day and giggle to yourself.
The Bad: The very slightly taboo relationship is just not okay.

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