24 August 2015


Now I am a girl who loves her violence. Not as a participant, more like a 3rd party observer. The only way I would be remotely helpful in a fight is I flick some of my sweat into my opponent's eyes.

Southpaw certainly filled my occasional craving for watching bloodshed. Along with making sure that I became dehydrated thanks to the amount of tears I shed while watching this movie.
Two of my closest friends are both currently in training for fights in the IBF (International Boxing Federation) and at no point while watching the movie was I worried that their lives might turn out like it and thus ended up like:

I do adore Jake Gyllenhaal. Despite the whole Prince of Persia debacle. And clearly I am not the only one who thinks so: http://bzfd.it/1PHt6g5
And even if you forget about his body of perfection and throw on some stupid hair on top of his beautiful face, the effect is still wonderful.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a boxer with mildly restrained anger issues, which makes him a great boxer and a not-so-great family man. Though he did majorly luck out and get a hottie for a wife. They have a rather volatile relationship, but it all stems from a place of love, so it's okay. 
They also have an adorable daughter, whose actual name is Oona. I thought you had to be a comic book character to have names like that. 
Gyllenhaal is moving on up in the world and everything is falling into place, and them BAM! Life hits him in the face. And you, in the heart. Because boy, it just breaks your heart to watch a grown beautiful man cry like that. 
He ends up losing custody of his daughter, and the rest of the movie is dedicated to his struggle to get his daughter back all while reclaiming his lost status as a boxing champion. 
Now while the story is beautiful and quite heart wrenchingly executed, absolutely nothing happens in the movie outside of what you see in the trailer. Which is unbelievably unfortunate, since it really is a good movie!

That just makes me sound like I am convincing you about a rather clich├ęd movie. 
One of things that was most alarming about this film was the similarity with 'Never Back Down'. Another great film, might I add. 
Let's break it down, shall we. 

White boy with anger issues, who also enjoys fighting faces problems in life. He then goes and joins a rather quaint/rundown gym where he meets a black man who unintentionally becomes his mentor and helps him get through his baggage. Eventually, the white boy becomes a better person and wins the final showdown fight and everybody rejoices. 
Replace Sean Faris with Jake Gyllenhaal and Djimon Hounsou with Forest Whitaker and you have a slightly updated and older men version of 'Never Back Down'.
I am ashamed to admit that the minute someone says Forest Whitaker, I think of this.

God, I miss Community.

I should mention however, that after a very long time came a film with a ridiculously good score. I am big sucker for well placed background music. TuneFind.com is on my most visited list, and the soundtrack from 'Captain America' is on my running playlist. 
And it is soon going to be joined by the soundtrack from 'Southpaw'. Dear me, does it give you chills. 
If nothing else then watch the movie just for the score. James Horner (the composer for this film), even from the grave you make me cry. By the way Horner is creative genius behind both the score Zorro films, Titanic and even Avatar. And let's just say, the Zorro films have probably the best score OF ALL TIME. *crying because of how much in love I was with Zorro as a young girl*

The Good: Jake Gyllenhaal spends most of the film shirtless. If that isn't a great incentive then I don't know what is 
The Bad: You could just watch the trailer over and over for about 90 mins, and you've pretty much saved yourself the cost of the ticket to the cinema.

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