26 August 2015

The Deal With: Ross and Joey

After having spent the last four and a half days dedicate to watching Friends almost non-stop, I have come to several conclusions.

  1. I honestly do not understand how Joey is the one popular with the ladies. Chandler is where it's at, my man. 
  2. And, they most certainly live in the whitest neighbourhood, ever. Even the extras in the background are white.  
Now, I understand that it was the 90's and not everyone was running around screaming "MUST BE DIVERSE" and Friends certainly is funny enough that no one would care that they have no actual friends of color. 
They have brought in the occasional foreigner, though. To offset this imbalance, I believe.
No one can forget the weenie from Torrini, Paolo. 

And Julio, Monica's wonderful poet who didn't know it.

No, not Julio the cat/Phoebe's mother! Julio, the busboy from the diner.

Yeah, the one with the 'Vase'. And of course, there was always Julie. 

Though, she shouldn't count, for despite how many ever chickens poop in her lap, she really is from New York. Shame on you Rachel, for assuming otherwise!

But in the later seasons, we see that there are some people of color slowly trickling onto the screen in Friends. 
Like, Ross's Divorce lawyer, 

And one of the women Phoebe uses to convince Ross that he is still dateable, 

And the woman Ross meets on the street and asks out, 

And then Joey meets the same woman and they fight for her in the most hilarious way possible.

Anyone notice a pattern here yet? No? Wait, there is one more. 

Of course when you think about it the one name that always jumps out at you is Charlie, the professor who was making her way across the group. First with Joey and then with Ross. 

Come on, now at least you must have noticed the pattern?!
The only people in Friends who have any interest in further diversifying their narrow group are Joey and Ross!

So for all of you out there who never really understood how they were ever friends, here is your answer: They share a love for diversity and occasionally, for the same woman (Kristen, Charlie and Rachel). 
And who can forget just how good their naps are. 

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