23 August 2015


Now, as a general rule, I tend to not like watching rom-coms, on account of me being all sad and alone. This of course means that, I watch each and every single rom-com that comes out, and often say things like, "Why isn't my life like this?" all while eating copious amounts of sugar.
Trainwreck was not free from the the cure of Zarah's Pity Party.

We see Amy, a young writer living in New York and living the life that a feminist fought for 40 years ago, ie. she drinks, smokes, gets high and sleeps with all of the men.
Now, now before you jump on the bandwagon and start calling me prude, lets just get some perspective, shall we?
I was raised in one of the most conservative cultures in the world, and growing up all I had was bollywood and really trashy novels and films where the hero goes running through the airport in a last ditch effort in order to get the girl.
So it makes sense that I have rather romantic, if not antiquated notions about sex and all that malarkey.
Anywho, Amy goes about vagabonding her way through life, which may or may not have been initiated by her alcoholic father who in a spur of parenting genius thought it makes sense to teach his two daughters "Monogamy is unrealistic".
She is sent to write an article about Dr. Connors, who is a sports surgeon. He also is a part of Doctors without Borders and his really close friends with LeBron James.
He is assertive and funny to boot. Now, based on that description alone, I would marry him. Like, no doubt.
But then add into the fact that he is played by Bill Hader, and my uterus will explode. Like, no doubt.
I have spent many a posts on this blog chronicling just how deep my affections run for Bill Hader. I mean, I just want to hold him. Hold him and absorb him. Absorb his essence. And I really hope he never reads this because then, for sure, we will never reach the level of friendship I imagine I would get with him.
Amy, being the modern day woman that she is, sleeps with him and actually likes him. The Doctor also likes her and boom, roll cutesy montage that makes me want to throw something at the screen.
Of course, no Hollywood relationship can be happy all the time, so emotionally-crippled Amy has a slight breakdown and the Doctor says, "Laters" and walks out. After having yelled at her that he loves her about 17 times.
Amy then proceeds to go on a not inspiring at all journey to 'understand' herself and then in a slightly cute way makes a grand gesture to get the Doctor back.
Cliched? Yes. Cute? Sure. Must you watch it? Not really.
I do believe in the adage, 'If you've seen one, then you've seen them all.' And in this case it really is true.
I understand that it is a tried and tested situation. Take one commitment phobe, make that person meet their perfect match, throw some slightly insignificant problem their way and watch them charmingly make their way through it. All while looking their best. I swear, I should invest in getting my own makeup lackey.
The film does have some quite funny moments, quite a lot of them coming from a surprisingly hilarious role played by John Cena. Now I must admit, growing up, Cena was the wrestler that this girl certainly lusted after. And even a decade down the line, he is still fiiiiiiine.
But now he is funny. John Cena doing sexy talk made me spit out milk precariously close to my laptop. And the funny guy thing is like catnip to me.

                                                                                                                                                                  I feel you, bear. I feel you.

Continuing on, I am rather surprised that Leslie Mann didn't make an appearance in this movie, since she's been in at least the last 4 movies her husband, Judd Apatow made.
Something to google for sure. 

The Good: The words fudge-ripple ice cream now hold a special place in my heart. 
The Bad: It didn't take my breath away. Or made me feel anything. Other than the occasional laughter. 

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