28 September 2015


With the start of it's second season in the offing, it's about time to talk about the show that introduced me to Bradley James a.k.a the man who will almost definitely become the father of my children.
 Despite the fact that he has two first names as his legit name, which as a rule makes me not trust person (weird tick, I realise) he is still spectacular enough for me to ignore that.

Speaking as a person who was born into the iGeneration, and hence, as the owner of a an iPad, iPhone and a Macbook (Damn, ruined the stream, didn't they?)
Which of course, meant that I had to do this:
iZombie, for you Android lovers out there, has nothing to do with Steve Jobs and his creations, but instead has everything to do with new age zombies. 
And not to sound like an aged individual but, I sure am super glad that the Vampire phase of these kids is over. 
I am not a big fan of Zombies either, to be fair. But my, oh my, is this show worth watching.
We follow around Liv, a once promising medical student who has joined the army of the undead. 
She solves crime all while pretending that she is 'alive' and 'well'.
How does she solve crimes? She eats the brains of the victims who end up at the morgue, takes on their personality traits and even relives some of their memories. 
The characters are so well thought out, but that credit goes to the original comic book creators, Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. 
The story has been developing rapidly, and it is engaging beyond belief. I am a crime show lover. I mean, holla at Castle, y'all!
But there are so many layers to the story that you have no option but to watch the next episode.
The show doesn't talk to it's audience, it doesn't pander to the sex-starved public and really does justice to the comic book.
On a side note, the theme song from the opening credits is ridiculously fantastic.

The Good: A fabulously multi-ethnic cast that you can't help but love.
The Bad: Bradley James is only a guest star.

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